GTO & CCW LM's = ?

July 27, 2010

Huh? What? Eh?
Some of you guys might be thinking "it just doesn't match."
Think again!
From Cincinnati, OH, known as BLACKLIST, drives a Pontiac GTO that pulls 473whp/459wtq with balling rims CCW LM 20's 18x9F & 18x12R.
Recently being featured on Canibeat, this car has power, style, and quality. I've never seen a pontiac being stance'd and I can tell you that after seeing BLACKLIST's ride, I am starting to appreciate the hellaflush scene more than ever. A lot of work was put into this car and BLACKLIST is still not satisfied.

Getting ready to add Tony Mamo ported AFR 215 heads milled down to 61cc and flycut the pistons. Tuned that should jump it up to about 525/500 if everything keeps going as it has and works like we(tony and I) think it will. Ive also got a 200 shot for it as well.
Except the GTO, there is another car in his garage.

I have a 88 rx7 thats got a ERL 427 blower ls2 going into it with a 114mm precision billet. Shooting for 2000whp with that and 7.50 index sfi certified.
But for today, let's focus on the GTO and back on the rx7 later on in the future :). Well BLACKLIST is getting ready to refinish his current set of wheels, add side skirts, CF diffuser, Recaro GT3 Porsche seats, a steering wheel, and all other goodies.

Some tough work to do, but BLACKLIST's dedication and love toward his cars make things possible.


Engine Mods
TFS fuel rails
ev6 style 47lb injectors
weldon fuel pressure regulator
FAST 102mm intake
HSW 92mm nitrous plate
92mm bored throttle body
TFS air intake w/ k&n
LG Motorsports G6X3 camshaft
Comp 7.4 pushrods
manley dual valvesprings with modified valveseals/seats
manley titanium retainers
pace shitter long tube headers
katech tensioner
meziere electric water pump
asp underdrive pulley
2.5 spintech
monster 3200lb custom pressure plate
ram 6 puck sprung disc
fidanza 12 lb flywheel
tick master cylinder for clutch
tick speed bleeder line for clutch
full stainless braided hard clutch line conversion
nox box 2 commetic wheel speed dependent progressive nitrous controller
lingenfelter 255 pump
lingenfelter multi step retard/ launch timing control
hsw stand alone dedicated nitrous fuel cell with 255 pump and aeromotive regulator solely for nitrous
NX big carbon fiber solenoids with nitrous outlet access switch panel
nx carbon purge kit
double roller timing chain
slp ported oil pump

gmm race shifter
lous short stick
threaded delrin c5r extended hard bar shift knob
Nardi deep corn suede steering wheel
recaro pole position seat black leather black alcantra
willans f1 3 inch cam lock belts
omp pedals

4300K HID kits for both foglights and low beams
kirscher splitter
custom maverick man carbon rear diffuser (still waiting on this, shaking head)
CCW LM 20 18x9 & 18x12 wheels
pirelli pzero roso front tires/p zero assimetrico 285 30 rears
Kaaz lsd
3.91 gears






BLACKLIST said... [Reply to comment]

Just in case someone thinks the power numbers are bogus.

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