Over the Limit 350z

July 25, 2010

You guys have probably seen this dark purple 350z on almost every popular blogs and sites.
Check out the Stance:Nation forums and look at the top left hand side. Yeap~ that's Juan's ride.

Here's an introduction from Juan: (directly from StanceWorks):

Name is Juan, some of you guys know me as Toby which is my dogs name. Did the whole stretched/slammed thing back in 09. Didn't know anybody at the time with a stanced/stretched car in NC and i constantly got flamed in our local car forum when i did it Anyway it's 2010 and Stance is bigger than ever. We even have a "stance" section put in recently in that very same forums. Car got some recognition earlier this year and that motivated me even more to push the limit of this car.
Recently got my stance to where i want it. Rear fenders are finally flared so i had room to push the wheels out. Started out at +7, pushed em out to 0, then -6, and now at -16. I was even at +14 with meaty 305 tires just last week.

I love how people try to go over the limit and make things successful, especially for those who are into the hellaflush scene. If done correctly, a car can look sexier than ever and that's what Juan was trying to do. One of my favorite 350z's in the stance world, enjoy the pics that you're about to see. You can't get enough of it!
From quality wheels to the low drop, let me say, "Simply Clean + Quality = WIN!"

pic name

Volk TE37 Chrome Silver 19x10.5 +12f/-16r
235/35/19 all around
Rays Duraluminum Lug Nuts
Project Kics/Ichiba Wheel Spacers

Stance Gr+ Coilovers
Eibach Camber kit
Greddy Strut Bar

pic name

pic name

Engine Mods
JWT Popcharger
5/16 Motordyne Plenum Spacer
MR Longtube Headers
UR Underdrive Crank Pulley
SRS Catback Exhaust
Greddy Cooling Plate

pic name

Veilside V1 Front Lip
06+ BiXenon Headlights
Mangowalk Shorty Antenna

Sparco R100 Seats
Sparco Hardware
ARC Ti Shiftknob
Pioneer Avic D3 Headunit

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