350Z on DPE's

August 30, 2010

I loved 350Z's before I was into the hellaflush scene.
Overall style, performance...daym!

Now after checking out Milt's ride, I really fell in love with Z's even more.
Today's featured Z is one of those cars that I gaurantee you guys will fall in love with within seconds.

From Texas, here is Mando's blue 350Z on DPE's

Mando's Shoot

It's pretty darn hard to color match wheels for a blue car. Even when expensive wheels are slapped on and the colors don't match, the look of the car dies out. Mando chose the perfect color and wheels to match the sexiness of his blue Z.

Mando's Shoot

Can he go lower? I think he can :D

Mando's Shoot

DPE st-10 19x10 +0 225/35 19x11 245/35 wrapped on General exclaim uhp tires
K-sport version RR coilovers
SPC rear camber kit

JWT popcharger
Skunk2 plenum spacer
Agency power exhaust
Uprev tuned

Nismo style front lip
Bumper tuck
Black emblems, door handles, and antenna
JVC 7" double din
Farenheit 7" secondary monitor for dual screen setup
Jl audio 10" w6 paired with Jl audio 500/1 v2 amp
Mando's Shoot

That is one of the hottest, sexiest looking rear ever.

Mando's Shoot

I'm loving this car more and more. Stance is right, has quality....ffff

Mando's Shoot

One heck of a mean looking car. Stock Z's are still good looking cars. Don't get me wrong, they do come in stock height and might look weird, but the overall look of the car is slick. But once it's on coilovers and slammed to the ground.....
I'll let you guys come up with the rest :)

Mando's Shoot


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