Butterscotch BBS on Integra

August 25, 2010

When I thought the Valley was going to be a lot cooler than Las Vegas..
It was nearly 110 degrees and I was sweating like crazy.
So what's the best way to cool off? Find a sick stanced car and doing a coverage :)

I came across this Integra in the WFC forums and it really caught my attention.
Yes, it is green and I've been doing coverages on green cars for some reason, but they all look sick.
Here is another green car in that category and this time, some rare finished BBS RS's.
I really didn't think an Integra would be rolling on RS's and thought they would look awkward..
but I was totally wrong.


Here is Alan's 96 Acura Integra RS with JDM B18C GSR swap
If I have to score the stance of this car out of 10, I would give it a 9.
The only reason why it's in the 9 point range is because of the tires.
I know Alan can go lower with lower profile tires.
The car is still looking awesome though and I'm looking forward to see his next mod.


15x9 +13 BBS RS in Butterscotch in 205/50 yokohama s.drive
Blox front and rear camber arms ar -5.5 rear -4.5 front
Function and Form Type 1 coilovers static drop

Spoon front lip
JDM whale penis intake
greddy header
Apexi WS2 exhaust

I was cracking up like crazy when I read the Intake brand. First thought it was a total joke, but when I searched online, JDM fans really called this the Whale Penis Intake. LOL!


You can see the stance is on point!


Rear shots are nice :D



Not a bad drop, but it can go lower :)

Photo credits go to THECHAZZ.com


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