Combo of Enkei and S2K

August 30, 2010

I really like simple cars.
Coilovers, aftermarket wheels, and stance is enough.

This s2k belongs to Brandon and he kept it very simple and clean.

Don't be thinking simple as cheap because those words have different meanings.


17x9.5 +38 x4 powercoated white Enkei Rpf1's
Dunlop 245/40/17 tires
J's racing rear driveshaft spacers
Polished tips
Buddy club n+ coilovers
T1R test pipe

S2K's are sexy to the max. I would love to see better pics of Brandon's ride, but this is what he can provide at the moment.


From what I see in the pics, he's reppin The Chronicles, WFC, and Canibeat, which he definitely should do. I see so much potential in this car. Looking forward to see more done to it!


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