Special Coverage: Extreme Dimensions Open House

August 29, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

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A lot of events during this month, and I think today's event was probably the last big event for August. For those that do not know Extreme Dimensions (ED), these guys are known for their body kits. They also sell other products as well, but started the business through kits. Their popularity in the import scene is pretty high, which is why most of their project cars were featured on Super Street and various import magazines.

If you go to an event and see all these other companies coming to support, then you get an idea of how well they are known. Check out their event flyer and see how many companies were sponsoring ED. Pretty darn amazing.

-By the way, made a new watermark for my pictures so hope you guys like it :) If you guys got ideas for logos or watermarks, hit me up!-

The weather was pretty darn gloomy in the morning so the shots weren't as good as I expected

ED Event -1

Here's Garm's car that I introduced to you guys in the past. Sick like always. If you don't remember, those are custom made Work Meisters.

ED Event -2

Hotchkis was there. Thought that strut brace was a katana.

ED Event -3

I parked right next to this Z and this was sick. Didn't like the overall finish of the wheels, but the wheels itself was sick as fff. Volk TE37's concaved. The wheels definitely makes this car stand out.

ED Event -4

Out of all the Genesis coupes that were there, this one was the best looking IMO. I think the owner of this car is a member of Canibeat because he had all the Canibeat stickers as a display on his window.

ED Event -5

Pretty clean Bimmer. Think those rims are Linea Corpse.

ED Event -6

Baller status.

ED Event -7

Very unique trunk. It makes the overall look of the car VERY clean.

ED Event -8

and...a Corvette.

ED Event -9

Copper on DPE's. dammit..all these reflections coming out when I even have the filters on...crap..my bad guys.

ED Event -10

XXR's on an Integra. Clean and Stanced.

ED Event -11

Silver on Silver. Like!

ED Event -12

ED Event -13

Seen this car everywhere. He was even at Vegas. Well...Team Hybrid is almost at every show so it's not a suprise for me anymore when I see their cars.
I love these fully polished Volk ce28n's.

ED Event -14

ED Event -15

ED Event -16

ED Event -17

Couple of other Team Hybrid cars. I loved the rear look of the Accord. Pure sexiness.

ED Event -18

LOVE THIS CAR! The color and wheel color combo are fantastic. Another Volk te37's. They are played out but still one of the sexiest wheels out there.

ED Event -19

Don't you think so?

ED Event -20

Best of show. Has all these gadgets in the engine bay.

ED Event -21

Volks so took a shot :)

ED Event -22

I think the wheels are stock wheels but I might be wrong. Seen this car on WFC.

ED Event -24

Dammit..took a shot of Jose's Audi but it's gone for some reason. Anyways, loving his VSXX's and the Rotora combo.

ED Event -26

MicroImage booth.

ED Event -27

NOS model! I saw her yesterday at House of Drift.

ED Event -29

Team Hybrids line up. O yea, and another model there standing. Seen her at RPM and NISEI. One of the hottest models that I've seen so far.

ED Event -30

Another NOS model. I think she was at House of Drift..not sure..she seemed bored so I took a closer shot.

ED Event -31

Yeap..she was bored..

ED Event -32

So a s2k from Passwordjdm comes in. Closer shots later on..

ED Event -33

Forgot the brand of this car, but I remember it had buddyclub wheels. Pretty sick car.

ED Event -34

Here's the car from PasswordJDM. Reflections coming out again...shiet...

ED Event -36

Another car from PasswordJDM comes in. This one looks MEAN!

ED Event -37

I Like! Nothing special, but just love it.

ED Event -38

Hello Kitty cooper coming in. Move out~

ED Event -40

Got a bit bored now because there weren't a lot of cars that I wanted to take pictures of...so....here's a shot of the Genesis crew. These guys got the biggest crew trophy.

ED Event -41

Sick car you guys are looking at. See that dude at the left? He's amazed too. More pics of it later on.

ED Event -43

Garms friend from MicroImage.

Was tired of taking same pics over and over...but later on, the VIP guys came in and I had to check their cars out. I had no idea where they went because they headed somewhere and just disappeared. So I walked with my friend to the back of the building and here they are..

ED Event -45

Now that's some gangstaness. These guys parked inside the warehouse to display their cars and VIP products.

ED Event -47

Amazing..jaw breaking...sexy....

ED Event -48

Old school VIP style.

Ok. They go in and I go back to the front. Evasive Motorsports rolled in.

ED Event -50

First thing in my mind..."I need to get an alignment." A lot of people recommended to go to their place. Here's a sick looking S2K on Advan's.

ED Event -51

Team Hybrid parked right next to the NOS booth like you guys saw before.

ED Event -52

A blue Z from Team Hybrid representing Sonic.

ED Event -54

Remember the car that was rolling in and the dude staring at it?
Here it is. Perfect drop, rolled fenders, sexy wheels..
Very very clean. If this car is used for racing, gotta give it more props for keeping it clean.

ED Event -35

ED Event -55

Not too much to it. I THINK those wheels are Rotas...iunno..but good color combo..

ED Event -56

I thought this girl was a model, but I was wrong.
The guy at the left got caught staring at the girl by me and you see him with his guilty face looking into my camera.

ED Event -57

Heard this car is a beast. Iunno..

ED Event -58

I had no idea Team Hybrid had Bikes in their team. Well.. they were putting on the team decal during the show, so I guess they just joined?

ED Event -59


ED Event -61

This shot sucks, but the car is ... iunno.. can't say it in words..you gotta see it. It's amazing.

ED Event -62

Another s2k from Evasive rolls in. I know you're keep looking into this pic b/c it's sexy.

ED Event -63

The sexy model. I have no idea who she was modeling for..I think NRG. Anyways..

ED Event -64

Getting ready to pose...

The main guy announced that the warehouse was open so I go in..

ED Event -65


ED Event -66

oooo I want~~

ED Event -67

I REALLY want!

ED Event -68

35 coupe on HRE's.

ED Event -72

Dam...i want a Lexus...

ED Event -73

ED Event -74

The interior of the car that had the doors all opened.

ED Event -75

This one..

ED Event -76

VIPModular booth in the warehouse.

ED Event -77

Before I go out, took another shot of this Bimmer.

ED Event -78

Cataloge form ED. All body kits.

ED Event -79

Mustang with some crazy graphics roll in.

ED Event -81

Jose's friend. SICKKKKKKKKKKK car. All the quality parts are in & on this car. I was pretty shocked to hear that this car was on springs rather than coilovers :/

ED Event -82

ED Event -85

Bride Gias Low Max (Carbon Kevlar) and Bride Zeta's. By the way, if you don't know who Jose is, he's the guy at the left :)

ED Event -83

More and more people show up.

ED Event -84

Probaby the only model that was posing for pics. Another shot.

ED Event -86

NOS booth giving out free drinks.

ED Event -88

Line to get food..

ED Event -89

I did a photoshoot of two bimmers and this was one of them. Sick stance with very nice wheels. Coverage of the two cars will be up!!

ED Event -90

These two bimmers.

ED Event -91

ED Event -132

This car was not parked with the crowd. SSR wheels custom finished.

ED Event -93

These guys are EVERYWHERE!!!!! I've seen them at almost every single show.

ED Event -98

Our guest :)

ED Event -99

THULE racks are nice.

ED Event -101

Weather is getting a bit better and more cars are showing up. Here's a line of G35's.

ED Event -102

o man...

ED Event -103

Varrstoen wheels? I think...

ED Event -104

Heres a RX-8 on Work Emotion Cai's.

ED Event -105


ED Event -107

Sedan Yaris on Volks..or...

ED Event -108

35 coupe looking sexy and sharp.

ED Event -110

I want concaved wheels now...

ED Event -113

Status Elite...gotta do some research..

ED Event -115

Camero guys were rolling pretty deep.

ED Event -117

If you need car and see this one, pull him over because it's for sale.

ED Event -118

SICK!!!!!!!!!! Vienna's on a Miata.

ED Event -119

Seen this car @ Hellaflush and It's JDM Yo!'s first meet. Awesome.

ED Event -120

Kain checking out this VIP car.

ED Event -123

-o- randomly see this car at the back.

ED Event -128

I go close to take a better pic. Those wheels are win!

ED Event -130

Another Team Supastar member. Work Meisters in front and stocks in the back.

ED Event -131

Work Rezaxxxxxxxxx

ED Event -133

George's xB. Good seeing you bro!

ED Event -134

I don't get shet in my engine bay but I want to do this.

ED Event -138

Customized SSR's.

ED Event -217

and lastly..the model :D

There were raffles going on at the end and like usual, I won jack.
When will I win anything???

Have a safe weekend guys and see ya at Fatlace X DSPORT Shakotan.


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