Flush SC400

August 23, 2010

If you guys remember, I met up with Milt to do a coverage photoshoot.
His friend came along, who is the owner of today's feature car.
Let me introduce you to Mustafa.

Low N Slow Photoshoot -40

I've seen Mustafa's car since the beginning of my interest in hellaflush cars.

hellaflush -6

I remember taking this pic during the caravan to the hellaflush event.
Mustafa's the guy at the left.

Anyways, back to the coverage content.

This Lexus SC is unique out of all the ones in SoCal.
If you're asking why, check out the wheels.
Racing Harts CR, which are discontinued.

Low N Slow Photoshoot -52

You don't see a lot of cars rocking these wheels because they are hard to come across. Also, check out the stance.
One of the sickest out of all the SC's that aren't on air.

Low N Slow Photoshoot -55

Offsets are +1F and -3R. He's planning to add bigger spacers, so - offsets all around.

19" Racing Hart type CR
19x9 & 19x10 (215/35/19 fronts 225/35/19 rears)
Megan Coilovers
The mods are very simple and on point. Notice that Mustafa's focusing on the stance first. More mods to come in the future.

Low N Slow Photoshoot -58

Low N Slow Photoshoot -46

Low N Slow Photoshoot -43

Money shot!!

Low N Slow Photoshoot -60

By the way, Mustafa is also reppin Low N Slow with Milt, so you can't miss him at events. Awesome guy to talk to so make sure you check out his ride and say sup.


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Thanks a bunch William some sick ass shots.. Appreciate this!! Im loving it!

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