Event Coverage: 'Formula D' & 'Fatlace 1of1' Coverage Part I

August 23, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


My first time going to a Formula D event, and it had to be in Vegas :/
Weather? WOW! Amazingly.. HOT!!!!
I think it was worse because the place was in the middle of the desert.
I took my flip-flops off and touched the cement with bare foot and it literally felt as if my toes were burning. Yes, it was that hot. Don't be saying that Riverside or the Valley is hot as fff. I'm probably gonna shut my mouth from now on when I talk about the weather because after staying in the sun for 6~7 hours in Vegas, CA weather ain't shet!
Anyways, back to the event. I took a lot of pics and want to separate this event coverage in 2 parts, so check the rest later on.

I arrived at the place around 3 and people were waiting to go in.
I don't want to say that things were unorganized because it did take some time to take groups in one by one and Fatlace was doing a tremendous job.
Soooo, in the meantime, I took some pics of some hellaflush cars.

FD -1

There was a pretty long line and the heat was building up like crazy.

FD -3

Some sick Bimmers ready to go in.

FD -4

Miata and 2 s2k's in line.

FD -5

You guys have probably seen this car being featured on Stance:Nation.
Car looks better in person.
I'm planning to do a coverage on this car and the owner so keep that in mind :)

FD -6

Another sick s2k on Work Meisters. Unlike the other one, mentioned above with the Work XD9's, this one is not as stanced, but almost there. The car is still looking awesome.

FD -7

MazdaSpeed 3(?) on Gram Lights.

and~~ there were more cars, but it was hot like crazy so my camera and I had to rest.
I actually registered for Scion D-VIP and Fatlace 1of1. Told the guy and he wanted my car to be with the Fatlace group, but because I registered with Scion first, I had no choice. It really didn't matter because Fatlace seemed in charge of organizing the cars and stuff.

FD -8

FD -9

So after going in, cars were already parked and ready to show.

Way more than I expected. Team Hybrid was rolling deep. The middle line was mostly their line. I don't know if their team is in divisions, but awesome to see them rolling all together to an event. Also, you can't forget about the Lowballers and Frontline. They were rolling big as well.

Weather is still hot, but gotta do my job. Coverage pics for JustStance.com.

Line of Team Hybrid

FD -10

FD -11

FD -12

This VIP Lexus was sexy as hell.

FD -14

One of the members from Lowballers.
Loving the clean look and stance. You can't go wrong with both.

FD -15

First time ever seeing this xB. I'll show u guys a pic of the hood later on. I gotta sort it through to find it, so wait a bit.

FD -16

VIP Lexus from Lowballers. Me Like!

FD -17

Mazda on stock BBS wheels for STi's. Looking good!

FD -18

This car has quality, but something is lacking.
Love the CCW's, but I personally think a bit more is needed. I have no clue of what though...

FD -19

ah~ you guys know this car..right?
Neek from Fatlace!
One of the sickest xB's out there.
There were always guests in his car throughout the event, so that seemed welcoming. :D
I don't know if he was doing the "thumbs up" pose for the shot or to his friend, but either way, sick car.

FD -20

Explanation needed?

FD -21

Very x20 clean. I got some better shots on this car, so wait up!

FD -22

WORK Meisters on a RX-8. I love this car!

FD -23

WORK Emotion Cai's are pure sex. Loving the combination of colors.

FD -24

I forgot what this car was rolling on, but looking great.

FD -25

This Lexus was the bomb! More pics of it later on.

FD -26

I like BBS LM's. You?

FD -27

G35 from Team Hybrid on WORK VS-XX

FD -28

Here's another G35 but on Varrstoen. Loving the color combo and stance.

FD -29

Shoot Shoot Shoot...what wheels are these? Totally forgot, but display was kool.

FD -30

From Team Solo. Car would look much cleaner if decals were off the side skirts, but still looking good.

FD -31

O Yes!! Volk TE37's but Concave!

FD -32

Concave MB wheels. Definitely looks like a drifting car.

FD -33

Whoa~ Unique eh?

FD -34

Clean and very Simple. So...Simply Clean

Bimmer Line

FD -35

FD -36

FD -37

FD -38

There's nothing much to say about Bimmers because they look sexy even in stock mode. However, double that sexiness when it's stanced with quality wheels.

Going back to where the booths were, there were some project/drift cars.

FD -39

Forgot the model of this car, but the engine bay was clean!

FD -40

Crazy looking Z with all those sponosred stickers.

FD -43

You guys gotta check this car out. Matter of fact, here is a video about it.

FD -44

Dam..I want a BBK for my tC :(

FD -45

Talked with the owner of this car. Custom painted Bride Gias Low Max seats in white. Not a lot of unique features in this car, but the seats really stand out.

Model time!!!!!
Well in the beginning, there weren't a lot of them..

FD -46

These models were pretty much tired from the heat. I don't see a smile..but~ once they see a camera in front of them..hello~

FD -50

I'm used to the "can you pose for the camera?" asking line, so you'll see some models that actually looked into my camera, rather than somewhere else :)

FD -48

Now back to some cars.
I'm a huge fan of carbon fiber products. Look into this engine bay. Spectacular.

FD -51

Seen this Bimmer @ RPM. Those BBS LM have a unique finish. Flows pretty well with the color of the car.

FD -52

SSR's on a 350Z.

FD -53

MB wheels in the front and no idea about the back.

FD -55

Now from all the booths, I have no idea why Yelp was there. I love using Yelp when I search for restaurants, but @ a drifting event? Awkward..
They were cool though.

FD -85

I walk around and go back to the Fatlace group. Low N Slow crew were rolling in..

FD -57

FD -58

FD -59

FD -65

The guys looking tired

FD -66

Showed you a pic of this car before, but here's a better look from the side..a little better than before. This Lexus is purely VIP.
Love the wheel choice.

Back to the cars that I took pics of, but a bit more because I was bored.

FD -88

FD -89

FD -90

FD -92

Here's a side shot of the Lexus GS from Team Hybrid.
For my next car, I'm definitely gonna get a Lexus.

FD -104

The RX-8 on WORK Meisters. Stretch on the wheels are right on point.

FD -107

Remember this car? Cleanest Solara I've ever seen.

FD -106

VIP status car so even better.

FD -105

I'm planning to take out the emblems from the back like this one. Look forward to the new finish :D

FD -109

Back to the xB with the unique hood. Basically a chalkboard.

FD -111

Oldy but Sexy

Back to where the booth's were.
More models!

FD -113

These girls were hyped up throughout the event. More pics of them on Part II.

FD -115

I love TEIN but not their Mascot.

FD -116

One of the sites I check out pretty often.

FD -117

Sparco was there so that was pretty tight.

FD -118

They should've raffled out some bucket seats hehe.

FD -143

and steering wheels. Not planning to get a Sparco, but I still would like to try one out.

FD -119

Need For Speed booth had some awesome events going on. A chill and relax spot.

Ok guys, well this is Part I and i'll get back to you guys with Part II. Thanks for reading and remember to visit again :)


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