Event Coverage: 'Formula D' & 'Fatlace 1of1' Coverage Part II

August 23, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Ok~ so the last part of the event.
I was tired as hell yesterday, and went to another meet after Vegas :/
Anyways, to continue on with the event...

FD -120

Displayed at the Need for Speed booth. You guys see that Red Bull? Pretty tight!

FD -121

Rising Sun designed 'no idea' car. Loving the overall Red look.
I don't think he made it to the top 16, but still a sick looking car.

FD -122

Falken Tires VIP Lexus. Unusual to see a VIP'ed Lexus at a Falken's booth, so it was pretty new and caught a lot of attention.

FD -123

We can't forget about the models.
The girl at the left seemed pretty tired throughout the whole day. "Sucks to be in Vegas" kind of look.. :)

FD -124

There was a huge line just to get an autograph from these girls.
Probably the most active booth. Actually, i think they had the biggest booth after Dodge.

FD -125

They even had a DJ~!
Spin that shet~

FD -126

I just want to jack these when it is right in front of your eyes.

FD -128

Here are some cars by Falken that were used for drifting on that day.
I think this is a S15.

FD -129

I want those wheels!!!!!!!!!!

FD -130

FD -131

If i'm correct, 350z on WORK Emotions

FD -132

What is this...Corvette? Naw~ With a help of a friend, it's a RHD Saturn Sky owned by Darren Mcnamara.

FD -133

Drifting Mustang. There were 2 Mustangs that were on the Top 16. I think this one got first place. Not sure..but the other one placed 10th.

FD -136

Part of the drifting round, which was before the Top 16. I'm new to 'how to take drifting shots,' so go easy on me :)

Now going back to the booth to see what's new, I saw this..

FD -138

WTF??? U.S. Airforce's Mustang.
This is insane. If this car is really drivable, I wouldn't attempt to open the doors.
Maybe it's an arcade inside a car.

FD -139

I walk to the AEM booth and see this new Intake. Pretty darn awesome. The piping system is better than before and something with the separate ECU.

FD -141

If my car was a manual and into the turbo scene, I would definitely go with AEM gauges.

FD -142

Don't know much about clutches, but just took a pic. You manual guys know better than I do.

FD -144

To the NOS booth. People were lined up to get free drinks and to talk with the models. They even had a lounge-like place to chill.

FD -145

"Get ya own drink!"
and that little girl behind the model is stealing one. :D

FD -146

O yea..there was a RC drifting track and people were allowed to drift this little 350z. I might get one of these because they are AWESOME!

FD -147

Motegi Model..Cheese~~~~~~

So after checking out all the booths...for like...three times...
I head back to the track to see some drifting action

FD -148

FD -149

The place was already packed during sunset.
Heard the event was free, but it's hard to get people to come to these events because it's hot. Great turnout.

FD -156

FD -157

FD -160

1st and 2nd round between these two cars.

FD -164

FD -165

FD -166

Lexus and the RHD Saturn Sky.

FD -168

FD -169

Mean looking....

FD -176

This Mustang was drifting while its bumper was barely hanging. Good distraction.

FD -177

FD -179

FD -181

350Z in action!!!!!

FD -183

More and more people showed up.

After standing for about 2 hours, I head back to where my car was parked. I was with the Scion D-VIP group, and my car wasn't noticeable at all because I was stuck in the middle.

FD -185

FD -186

Good amount of people that showed up around 8~9pm.

Got bored again and headed back to the Fatlace 1of1 car show.

FD -187

FD -188

The lighting was nearly perfect. I loved the white light, which gave a good reflection to all the cars that were parked near the track.

FD -190

FD -192

By the way, did I even mention about the hood of this xB? Sticker bombed front lip with a chalkboard-like hood. That's all drawing guys, no stickers.

FD -194

FD -195

Good to see this car with the "Simply Clean" decal

FD -197

Looked even better at night.

FD -198

I should've edited a bit more with this picture because the bightness sucked, but the car looked pretty darn good. I think a color matched front lip would look 100x better.

FD -199

Mugen wheels are sexy.

FD -202

As usual, Neek's ride with guests and the LED's are now on.

FD -204

I want this.

FD -205

FD -206

I'm still trying to remember what wheels this car was rolling on...
Work Mesiters in 2 piece??

FD -210

Lexus SC with the Low N Slow crew. He's on some huge spacers, but it does the job.

FD -211

No comment.

FD -212

Orange G35.

FD -213

Very clean Integra.

FD -214

FD -215

I couldn't take my eyes off this Evo. I think it's because of the concave Volk Te37's.

FD -216

oooooooooooo shetttttt. Gram Light 57 Pros with neo-chrome lips. If this is the right guy, he went through soo many set of wheels, I can't even list them.

FD -219

FD -220

Team Hybrid with their clean engine bay like usual.

FD -221

I know VIP cars look sexy, but do they look sexier at night? I think they do.

FD -222

FD -223

Like x100!! Super Clean!

FD -224

Didn't get a chance to talk with this guy that much at the 240 meet, but he has an awesome car.

FD -226

Bimmer Mophia.

Time to head back to the booth and watch the Top 16 battle.

FD -228

Is that dude sitting on my car???

FD -230

o~ It's my car!
Something awesome happend though. The two guys who were organizing the Fatlace 1of1 came to the Scion D-VIP section and was looking for the owner of the tC you guys see right now, which is me :)
They hand me a hellaflush decal with a hellaflush sticker saying that my car looked sick and asked if I was going to the upcoming Longo show. It seems as if only certain individuals got those decals so I felt hella proud. Hellaflush FTW!!!!!!!

FD -235

By the way, there was a rock band performing throughout the event.

FD -238

Kirby's xB. Remember seeing this car in Part I? It's for sale guys!!!!

FD -239

He's the owner. lol.

FD -241

One of the xB's that has all the quality parts. Work Equips, Nardi, Yakima, etc. etc.
Awesome guy and car. He's one of the Scion guys that got a Hellaflush decal as well.

FD -242

Ok, so remember in Part I when I posted a picture of these 3 models that were hyped up? It was literally 5~6 hours after I took a photo of them and I lukily passed by and tried to take a sneak shot, but they caught the attention and did a pose. Good to see these girls being active and having fun, unlike others who look as if they are going to die.

FD -243

The guy at the left knew I was trying to take a pic of the models but he kept staring. lol.

FD -244


FD -245


FD -246

Didn't see this girl earlier, but she was handing out some bags.

FD -248

Can you pose for the camera? Of course!

FD -249

FD -251

Before the Top 16, Ken Gushi and Tanner Foust were giving out autographs.
Gushi wasn't doing that well, so he placed 14th. Tanner Foust actually lost because it had to do something with the headlights. He did win the battle against his opponent..but...yea...

FD -252

Another group of models that were having fun.

FD -255

Time for the Finale!!!

FD -258

Tanner doing his thing like usual. Sucks that he didn't get the majority votes from the judges.

FD -262

FD -263

FD -264

Sorry that I didn't have any close up shots for the finale. I had to use the 50mm because it's the only one that performs pretty well at night.

FD -266

Here's a better one. Tire rubber was flying all around and the smoke was insane.

FD -267

I think it was this Mustang that got 1st place, not the other one I mentioned above.

FD -268

FD -270

Stay awake!! Time to do the stadium wave~~~~

FD -272

More action going on

FD -275

FD -278

Enkei RPF1's!

FD -280

FD -282


Anyways, it was about 12am and I decided to leave with a couple of people. Awards were suppose to be given out around 1am, but most of the contestants/participants left because the event lasted a longgg time and we had to stay in the sun for awhile.

FD -284

Saw the s15 so took a shot and left the scene with Kirby and the others.

Great turnout! For being my first Formula D event, I had a lot of fun. Got to meet new people and experienced how to survive in the sun :D
Looking forward to the next Fatlace 1of1 & Formula D event!
Hope you guys enjoyed the pics and my long talk~
Next event feature will be on Saturday or Sunday for Extreme Dimensions, which will be held on Saturday. Click on the image at the right for further details.


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