Hellaflush xB

August 8, 2010

I was looking for some guys, here in SoCal, who could refinish my new set of rims and came across this xB owner, Anthony.
There are couple of xB's out there that are in my "most like" list and Anthony's ride is one of them.
This xB has custom interior Burberry fabric, Burberry headliner, Burberry~Burberry~Burberry.
That's not it!
The wheels on the xB are custom BBS RS's, meaning the centers were powercoated in sparkling gold flakes, custom lips giving it a wide lip, ice cube stems, and much more to it. I don't remember the exact specs, but if I can recall all the infos correctly, I think the fronts were 17x11 and the rears being 17x12.
This was an on-site coverage so not a lot of info was written down.

If you want to see a quality car, you got to check Anthony's ride.

RPM -15

I'll update more info on the modifications later on

RPM -16

RPM -18

RPM -17

One of the sexiest BBS RS's

RPM -106

Brides with re-upholstered Burberry fabric

RPM -107

JDM Steering Wheel with Burberry Shift Boot

RPM -108

RPM -111

This is tight!

RPM -113

Reppin for all the hellaflush sites

RPM -14

If you guys need any services regarding wheels, you gotta hit this guy up because he does some quality work. Message me through sites and I'll send you his contact information.


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