Luxurious VIP GS300

August 3, 2010

This will be my first coverage of a VIP, Luxurious stance'd car and will be doing some more coverages of VIP cars in the future.
So, for those who are new to this scene,

VIP Style refers to the modification of Japanese luxury automobiles to make them more fashionable and more luxurious. VIP Style are typically large, expensive, rear-wheel drive sedans, though automotive enthusiasts use other cars like minivans and Kei cars. Once associated with the yakuza, VIP Style modifications now are a subset of automotive modification
Cars associated with VIP style usually have common characteristics, such as large diameter rims (usually broad faced designs) with low offsets that sit flush with the fender, exhausts that stick out past the rear bumper (although not so much emphasized these days), a full bodykit or lip kit, glossy paint and a lowered ride height. It is not uncommon to see extremely negative camber on many VIP style cars. Traditional colors of VIP Style cars are usually black, white, grey and silver.
Here in SoCal, I think Lexus's are dominating the VIP scene.
Let me introduce you to one of those Lexus owners, on3_lo35 from Raleigh, NC, representing TeamRPM & I/S/O.
Steve, aka on3_lo35, is an owner of 3 cars (s2k, GS300, G35) and one of them (G35) is in the build-up process as of today. If you want to take a peek, check out his progress thread.

Let's get back to his VIP car. The GS300 is clean all around with an awesome touch to the exterior and obviously, a luxurious interior with Junction Produce products. I love observing VIP cars and always wonder how they can fit everything perfectly with air suspension. Take a minute or two to check out Steve's ride and be amazed!


Work Schwert sc1 with step lip finished in black polish
19x9.5 +23 front
19x10.5 +21 rear
D2 air suspension (first kit made for gs300)

Black oynx painted roof
Q45 retrofitted projectors
carson led tailights
Junction Produce 3pc spoiler

Junction Produce kitsuna knot (pretzel knot)
Junction Produce fusa




Photo credits go to Kyle, Ryan L Holbrook & S:N


Kyle McManus said... [Reply to comment]

The first three pictures are mine. not ryans..

Will said... [Reply to comment]

got ya. thx for sharing the info

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