Event Coverage: NISEI Week Coverage

August 15, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


DAYM! Yesterday was really long, but busy and fun at the same time.
I wanted to see how tC's were rolling in SoCal, so I participated at the Unlock the tC Finale event. Not too many tC's, but tons of people. I've noticed that the Toyota family create these events with a lot of thought and money. Seriously, they serve some good food and run expensive events within the event. Last time when I went to their revealing of the 2011 tC show, they were serving some weird looking bottled drinks that I never heard of. So I went home and did some research and found out these drinks cost about $7 per bottle :/
Yea..that's how Toyota roll. Took some shots of only stance tC's so i'll upload those with the NESEI event.

Anyways! Enough with the tC event and now let's talk about NISEI.
I have to say NISEI was one of the best shows I've attended.
This show was purely about cars rather than models.
Tons of fixed up cars from stance to straight up performance builds.
The location wasn't bad either because there were restaurants all around the area, but the weather was HOT! Props to all the supporters @ the event who stayed till the end.
I don't know where and how to start this, so let's see how this goes :D

*If ya don't feel like reading this long coverage, just check out my Flickr

So I walk in and see these cars that I've never seen at events. Some were familiar but still looking sick like always.

NISEI,Unlock -9
TL? Iunno, but took a photo of it b/c it was the first car there.

NISEI,Unlock -10
You guys have probably seen this xB couple of times. I saw him at the event by Revoluscion and the interior was full of stuff, but seems like he was slowly taking things out because I've seen his car at It's JDM Yo's first meet and greet and a lot of the items were gone. Still a unique xB.

NISEI,Unlock -11
Hell yea~ check this one out :D

NISEI,Unlock -12

NISEI,Unlock -215
VIP Lexus. I'm into the VIP thing now and thought only Junction Produce was the only luxurious company out there. Found out about Bellezza and this company looks sick!!!!!!! Well all the luxurious items look sick.
VIP Scion tC? Who knows?? (-_-)v

NISEI,Unlock -13
Widebody Z

NISEI,Unlock -14

NISEI,Unlock -15
Didn't recognize this was the car from It's JDM Yo. One of the best looking IS's. Did a complete graphic design all around. Not as clean as before but still a beast! This car is MONEY!

NISEI,Unlock -16
I'll get back to these later on :)

NISEI,Unlock -17
Supra FTW

NISEI,Unlock -18
I've fell in love with this color after I saw this car. If you went to Toyotafest, JDM Yo's Meet & Greet, and all those JDM events, you've probably seen it. Sexy color car on Gold Work Meisters.

NISEI,Unlock -19
Honda Fit on SSR's

NISEI,Unlock -20

NISEI,Unlock -21

NISEI,Unlock -22
VIP cars

NISEI,Unlock -23
Really sexy finish to these BBS RS's

NISEI,Unlock -24
White on White. Hot? YES!

NISEI,Unlock -28
Never seen this s2k. Looks great with the Mugen wheels

NISEI,Unlock -30

NISEI,Unlock -29
What you guys see right now is an option for my BBS Impul's. Gold bolts all around. I have another choice, which I'll mention later on.
Engine bay was clean as ffffffffff

NISEI,Unlock -32

NISEI,Unlock -33

NISEI,Unlock -34

NISEI,Unlock -35

NISEI,Unlock -36
Line of some serious VIP cars.

NISEI,Unlock -37
Some hellaflush xB's

NISEI,Unlock -38
Concave XXR's on an Evo. I think these are XXR 552's? Iunno but a unique design that differs from Rota Grids.

NISEI,Unlock -41
Sexy rims that look good on Honda's.

NISEI,Unlock -42
Old School!!!

NISEI,Unlock -43
Back was clean so I had to take a shot.

NISEI,Unlock -44

NISEI,Unlock -45
Some Evo's that are on CCW's (I think)

NISEI,Unlock -46
Very unique looking Civic Si. The color looks awesome and matches perfectly with the wheel finish.

NISEI,Unlock -47
I put a lot of Vibrance into this, but it's suppose to be metallic grey. Love those BBS LM's.

NISEI,Unlock -48
From Team Praxis. Looking good like always.

NISEI,Unlock -49
Front looking good!

NISEI,Unlock -50
So after walking one way, which was longgg and felt like I've seen enough, I realized I wasn't even half way done! A lot of cars came to this event, and of course, you can't miss It's JDM Yo! Dropped by the booth and had to say sup to Tony. Iunno if he knew who I was but introduced myself that I was from Just Stance and bought a sticker to represent their crew. The new design looks hella sexy.

NISEI,Unlock -93
The model for It's JDM Yo. Sorry for uploading a pic when her eyes were closed but this was the only one I had. Still hot!

NISEI,Unlock -51

NISEI,Unlock -91
Seems like these guys are in a same team or work in the same company. Seen the first car at events but not the s2k. Both lookin JDM style~

NISEI,Unlock -55
Now I've been checking Team Supastar's forums for awhile and these guys are awesome. Haven't met them personally so I didn't want to show up and say "hi!" and make myself look like a jerk. Most of you guys know Emerson (Emu) and he's in this team as well. Mad respect to Emu for his awesome photography and his activeness at various events. This team rolled BIG! I think Emu told me more than 30 cars came to the event, which was amazing.

NISEI,Unlock -52
RSX on CCW's. WIN!!

NISEI,Unlock -53
Love the color. Sick looking xB.

NISEI,Unlock -54
Work Meister 350z

NISEI,Unlock -56
CLEAN! I want to know the owner of this car.

NISEI,Unlock -57

NISEI,Unlock -58
Very simple and clean

NISEI,Unlock -59
dam...so many clean cars...can't stop saying clean. My guess is Volks on a Prelude

NISEI,Unlock -60
RPF1's on a red S2k. The girl at the left seemed like a judge. Saw her couple of times back and forth.

NISEI,Unlock -62

NISEI,Unlock -61
This car was amazing. More like a freakin HP monster. Corvette engine in a RX7.

NISEI,Unlock -63
White on Black looking fabulous.

NISEI,Unlock -64

NISEI,Unlock -65
ARC fan. Loving the engine bay.

NISEI,Unlock -66
Definitely a time attack car. Loving the exterior look.

NISEI,Unlock -67

NISEI,Unlock -68

NISEI,Unlock -69

NISEI,Unlock -70

NISEI,Unlock -71
Let's go back to the early 1900's. These are CLASSIC cars that look amazing in person. I think i've seen some at Toyotafest. Check them out.

Back to super modded cars..

NISEI,Unlock -72
I love Mothers products. Works like a charm.

NISEI,Unlock -73

NISEI,Unlock -74

NISEI,Unlock -75
If you went to RPM, you've probably seen these high-end cars. I've been saying "these cars are high-end modded cars" to myself and noticed their company name was really called "high-end performance." Team name is Auto Concept Elite. When I look into these cars, I hate my life not having enough money :(

NISEI,Unlock -76

NISEI,Unlock -77

NISEI,Unlock -78

NISEI,Unlock -79

NISEI,Unlock -80

NISEI,Unlock -81

NISEI,Unlock -98

NISEI,Unlock -99

NISEI,Unlock -100
A look into Team Hybrid

NISEI,Unlock -82
Classic Racing Harts 3-piece wheels. The car would look MUCH cleaner without the design, but still a great car.

NISEI,Unlock -83
Seen this guy and his crew @ RPM. Same display like last time. He was sweating like crazy and his face was burning too. I was trying to find his friend who did a Farm-like display but seems like he wasn't there.

NISEI,Unlock -84

NISEI,Unlock -85

NISEI,Unlock -86
Not your everyday 350z

Ok, i'll shut up for a bit and my fingers are getting tired so some pics without description. Don't worry, your car is still special :D

NISEI,Unlock -87

NISEI,Unlock -88

NISEI,Unlock -89

NISEI,Unlock -90

NISEI,Unlock -94

NISEI,Unlock -96

NISEI,Unlock -97

NISEI,Unlock -101

OK! I'm back. Now to writing again. If you hate reading, then just check out my flickr

NISEI,Unlock -102
Never seen these. Unique Mugen wheels.

NISEI,Unlock -106
Me like!

NISEI,Unlock -107
Most of the Honda cars had some clean a$$ engine bays.

NISEI,Unlock -110

NISEI,Unlock -111
Yes. Clean engine bays. Carbon Fiber wrapped on some performance and exterior parts. Love it!

NISEI,Unlock -113
Dam I love white on white.

NISEI,Unlock -115

NISEI,Unlock -116
From crew High-End with the same display as last time. SICK!
Seems like Mothers is a product to use now because I didn't see a single
Meguiar's detailer or watever that was holding the hood.

NISEI,Unlock -119
Green? It's a G35 so I don't care :D

NISEI,Unlock -120
Clean and Slammed!

NISEI,Unlock -121
First time ever seeing a widebody BMW

NISEI,Unlock -122
Another Mothers detailer. I need to go out and buy one right now.

NISEI,Unlock -124
Yaris coupe that pulls 357HP. Owner is Garm and he is the president of his car team, Micro Image. Awesome guy who owns this car and a custom widebody tC that is for sale.

NISEI,Unlock -127
One of the best combos for Bride seats. Bride Cuga for the driver and Bride Vorga for passengers. The difference? Bride Vorga has a smaller height of where it supports your butt so passengers won't have a difficult time going in and out.

NISEI,Unlock -128

NISEI,Unlock -129

NISEI,Unlock -133
Some clean engine bays of Honda's again.

NISEI,Unlock -134

NISEI,Unlock -136

NISEI,Unlock -138

NISEI,Unlock -139
If you're the owner or know the owner of this car, contact me!!

NISEI,Unlock -140

NISEI,Unlock -131
I was going to look for this owner, but was running out of time because I had to go back to the tC event.

NISEI,Unlock -146
OK! So here's my second choice for an option to do on my BBS Impul's.

NISEI,Unlock -154
Mad camber! Guy at the back smiling as a pose.

NISEI,Unlock -155
I don't know if this girl was the owner of the car but seems like she had a hard time walking for a long time. Yoga time!!!!

NISEI,Unlock -156
Took a pic of this because I like VS-XX

Back to some S2k's.

NISEI,Unlock -159
My favorite.

NISEI,Unlock -163

NISEI,Unlock -164

I'm gonna finish this off with some 350Z' and a clean a$$ hatchback Civic.

NISEI,Unlock -182

NISEI,Unlock -183
You guys know who the owner of this car is..right? Winner of the Best Stance @ RPM and known for his clean 350z on Gold VS-XX's. Planning to do a photoshoot of his car, so I'm looking forward to seeing his ride and a model on top of it :)

NISEI,Unlock -185
Seems like a friend of Milt's. Mean looking 350Z on DPE's.

NISEI,Unlock -186
Money shot!

Now back to Hondas. I'm not going to say much about these two cars, so you guys check them out. Be amazed!

NISEI,Unlock -173

NISEI,Unlock -174

NISEI,Unlock -175

NISEI,Unlock -179

NISEI,Unlock -180

I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dam! I had a hard time trying to edit these pics and uploading them on Flickr because my laptop SUCKS to the max. I need to invest my money for a new laptop rather than parts for my car. Anyways, thx for reading and looking. See ya guys at the next event with my camera rockin a "juststance" sticker!!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Mini Van on SSRs = Honda Fit which is far from a mini van.

High End = Auto Concept Elite (team name)....High End Performance is the name of the shop the team works out of. Ben (the guy with the red/burgundy RX7) is the president of ACE & owner of High End Performance.

Garm's company is called G2 Autosports (or was, atleast). Micro Image is his car crew name.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Red EG with the 24k Caps and Bolts where done by Heymikeyyyy of
www.dipped-parts.com with the WHITE Xb On CRAZY CCWs,

Will said... [Reply to comment]

thx for the corrections :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

hey thanks for giving me a good comment on my xb...with the fish....yah I've been parting out a little bit but change the kit and air ride and some small things!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

No love to Team Supra that was there

Will said... [Reply to comment]

oooo air ride!! nice nice!!
and sorry if I didn't take a lot of supras. Didn't miss you guys though. I was just very limited in time because I had another event to go to :)

EMUflix said... [Reply to comment]

good stuff as always Will!

Will said... [Reply to comment]

thank u!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Sweating like crazy and face getting burned haha. That would be me, sweating like there's no tomorow but didn't get burned, just turn red everytime I get hot. Nice pictures btw

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

dope pictures gone thru the whole blog. but you have to correct yourself on some of the makes and models, and parts

Will said... [Reply to comment]

Gotta agree with you :)
Someone actually helped me out with identifying the model/brand. Thx for the heads up and next time, I'll definitely do it right :)

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