Event Coverage: RPM @ Irvine Coverage

August 7, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

What a GREAT show.
It has been awhile since I attended an import show, and I'm glad I went to this one.
Sick cars with models and the turn-out was awesome.
It's great to see all kind of cars at one place.

Played around with photoshop a bit so the photos might not be as good like others. Still new with this camera so bare with me :)

RPM -25

Man did these guys put on a shoW! It was loud as hell but very entertaining

RPM -187

RPM -186

The entrance had full of Bimmers in line.

RPM -9

Time to check out models :D

RPM -181

Greddy had some nice cars on display. Make sure you guys check out Greddy's Meet & Greet (and also Garage Sale) on September. I'll update the event asap.

RPM -12

It's always good to see the VIP guys rolling out together. Check out their cars.

RPM -51

RPM -50

RPM -49

RPM -48

RPM -46

RPM -42

RPM -41

RPM -40

RPM -73

it's JDM Yo was representing the import scene big time. It's always good to see these guys.

RPM -61


RPM -72


RPM -69

Matt black finish Benz.

RPM -78

Some Integras in the scene and this was one of them with a great display.

RPM -147

I've seen this car at Island Motorsports Meet & Greet. Found out the owner was a girl and she put a lot of work into her ride. Nardi Steering Wheel, Jline, Custom interior fabric..daym!

RPM -123

One of the cleanest cars that I saw today. S14 owned by Alex. I'll be doing a coverage on this car really soon.

RPM -190

RPM -182

RPM -180

RPM -154

RPM -14

One of the sickest xB's out there. Belongs to Anthony. Will be doing a coverage of this one as well.

RPM -34

I've seen this s2k so many times and still impressed!

RPM -62


RPM -60

Now THAT's sexy

RPM -58

Milt's 350z looking hot like always

RPM -82

RPM -81

I had to meet these guys but never had a chance :(

RPM -76

Mike's SICK xB on CCW's

NOW!! Time for some model shotS!!!! Can't do an import show without models!

RPM -185

RPM -183

RPM -177

RPM -175

RPM -173

RPM -161

RPM -27

RPM -101

RPM -132

RPM -128

RPM -141

RPM -136

RPM -140

RPM -139

Illest FTW!!

You guys can check more of my photos -> Flickr


Andy said... [Reply to comment]

You didn't see Misa there?

Will said... [Reply to comment]

i was tooo busy going around and taking pics of cars haha
i gotta check the other coverages to see the pics of her if someone took them.

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