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August 10, 2010

BMW's are nice. Right?
Even when it's pure stock, I still think it looks good.
But to make it look better, HELLAFLUSH!

From Tacoma, WA, Eric Lawrence drives this sexy E60.
One of the cleanest BMW's I've seen around for awhile.


When driving your own car for years, you definitely want to switch up to another ride. I know how it feels like because I see so many cars out there that I really want to drive but just can't afford it. So what do I do? Mod my car up with new products to make it look better.
Eric was probably in that situation as well.

So most of you know my little journey into the whole hellaflush, stanced scene with the e60. This is the final product of all the time, effort, calculations and people that helped me make this something that had me fall in love with my car all over again.
Eric's e60 is now sponsored from DPE wheels, Acute Performance, Illtech Auto Salon, and Northwest Photography.
Acute Performance (Michael) sold the wheels and helped with the calculations.
If you love your car, take care of it 24/7 and people will start loving it as well.


DPE St-10
20x9.5 et16
20x11 et14
falken 452 225/35/20 & 255/30/20
JIC coilovers

Custom made DPE wheels


RPI exhaust
Seibon CF hood and trunk
yellow HID fogs
LED interior lights

Perfect stance


If this was my car, I would be looking at it everytime after I get off and say "daym!"
Awesome looking E60 and props to Eric for making things work out!
Photo credits go to sdobbins photography


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