Random Spotlight: Stance tC's in SoCal

August 16, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Whew. Uploading and editing more than 200 pictures is a PITA!!!!!!!!!!!
First of all, I want to apologize for some writing/identifying mistakes on the NISEI event. I really have a hard time identifying the original model of a car when it's all fixed up. If I make a mistake, let me know and I'll edit the post asap!

OK! So continuing the post of NISEI's, I've told you guys that I went to the Unlock the tC event @ Santa Monica. Right after I rolled in, the Stance tC's were rolling in and luckily, all of the stance ones were in front line except one.

Here are some sick tC's I met during the event.

Ben aka BlktC

NISEI,Unlock -2

From Rowland Heights, Ben won the "Best Stance" category at the event.
I don't know any tC's on Work Meisters, and if there is one, I bet that person is not on 17x10's like Ben.

NISEI,Unlock -6

This ride is SLAMMED!!! No lip kit or anything. It doesn't need one because it's low enough. His ride is on B&G Coilovers so basically, the car can touch the ground :D

NISEI,Unlock -216

So we were talking about random shet and Domo-Kun came up. Ben opens his trunk and check this out. The whole family! Mom, Dad, Sons, daughters, Cousins...

FYI, the car is for sell and G35 is next!!!!!! (VIP Sedan!!!)

NISEI,Unlock -3

Does this car need an introduction? I guess not because it's been featured on Canibeat and was a big hit. Actually, still is a big hit :)
But for those who don't know him,
alllllll the way from WA, the owner of this slammed tC is Mark.
Not from Socal, but drove a longgg way to see his friends and such, so he's in the SoCal category for today.

NISEI,Unlock -4

Currently on SSR Viennas, he is trying to switch up to another set. It's a secret so I have no idea what is next.
Check out Canibeat for the full list of mods on Mark's ride. Yea yea~ I know my pics suk compared to Mike's from Canibeat :) But seriously, the pics are jaw breaking.

NISEI,Unlock -221

VIP? Street? Mixed? I don't really know, but this tC has all the quality parts.
Kain drives this sexy tC and he put a lot of work into it.

NISEI,Unlock -7

Work Varianzas, Bride Gias seats, full Five Axis lip kit.. goes on and on and on. The guys didn't like the seats because they couldn't fit 100%, but I LOVE IT!
Kain was the first guy I actually talked to at the event. He's trying to do something new to his car, so I'm looking forward to see the outcome :)

Done with the introductions.

NISEI,Unlock -219

NISEI,Unlock -222

Dropped by the Gas Station.

We all rolled down to Cal Poly Pomona to do a shoot.
Location was on point, but because my camera doesn't have the capibility to take some fabulous shots at night, some came out nasty.

Some good shots @ the top of the parking structure.

NISEI,Unlock -224

NISEI,Unlock -225

NISEI,Unlock -227

NISEI,Unlock -228

Now get ready for some horrible shots. Inside the structure.

NISEI,Unlock -231

NISEI,Unlock -233

NISEI,Unlock -234

NISEI,Unlock -235

NISEI,Unlock -248

NISEI,Unlock -252

I'm at the right :)
Good seeing ya guys and hope to do a shoot again!!


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