Spotlight: Staying Original

August 30, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

I remember when I went to Island Motorsport's Meet and Greet and saw this BMW with stock wheels, but in green.
Of course it caught some attention because of the wheels, but what made it better was the stance.

Here is a 1996 BMW 318ti owned by Bryan Munoz.

Many people who are into the stance scene like to stay original.
In Bryan's case, he's saving up some money to get new rims and I don't have
any clue what they will be, and until then, Bryan decided to stance out his car in OEM style.
How is it possible? Spacers!

ED Event -140

I gotta give props to Bryan for making things work out with OEM products.

ED Event -148

Currently sitting on Rokkor Coilovers, his stance is right on. I know he can go lower, but because of the tire size, he is staying at the height you guys are looking at. Still VERY low and he drives like this everyday.

ED Event -143

Rokkor Coilovers
26mm Sway bar up front
22mm in rear

Dinan Short ram
N1 style canister 3.inch exhaust custom set up

M3 Replica Front Bumper
DJ Auto Glass Headlamp's with City Lights (55w 6k HID's)
French Style DDM OE Fog Lamps (35w 5k HIDS)
LTW Replica Short Rise spoiler
LED Misc. Bulbs around the car :D
LED footwells and rear lights
Pioneer Ipod H/U
12inch Competition Sub
ED Event -145

ED Event -144

Staying very Euro style

ED Event -158

ED Event -147


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