Highlight | Ultimate "CAMBERD" 350Z

August 22, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

You guys probably know today's featured car and the owner of the car as well.
Being known back in the days with his Lexus SC, he continued his fame with the 350Z. If you live in SoCal, you can't miss this dude at events.
His license plate, "CAMBERD," describes almost everything about his car.

Low N Slow Photoshoot -18

From the Los Angeles area, let me introduce you to Milt Salamanca and his sexy 350Z. When I first went to a "hellaflush" event, Milt's ride was one of the cars that stood out the most. Why? The overall camber look and the flushness between the fenders and the wheels were amazing.
Seriously, people always question how one can drive a car like Milt's, but it always works out.

Low N Slow Photoshoot -25

Work VS-XX 19x10 -12/ 19x11 0
225/35 and 245/35
Kics R26

Stoptech BBK F & R
Stillen Sway Bars F & R
Aragosta (Top Secret) True Coilovers
SPL Camber Arms
Low N Slow Photoshoot -29

Low N Slow Photoshoot -27

2006+ Front Bumper
JDM Clear Corners
Veilslde CF Lip with a touch of flake.
CF Duct with a touch of Flake
Jim Wolf Technology Pop Charger
Nardi Deep Corn Wheel 350mm
Baller Bolts Titanium Finish Steering wheel bolts
NRG Gen 2.5 QR in Purple
NRG Short Hub
Blox Neo Finish 490 Shift Knob
Low N Slow Photoshoot -35

One of the cleanest interior setup. Simple, but yet clean!

Low N Slow Photoshoot -34

If you have no idea who Milt is, look for this little character on the antenna. I don't know about the overall style, but the sunglass looks pretty dam similar to Milt's :)

Low N Slow Photoshoot -33

Reppin Low N Slow~
Keeping it Unique!

Low N Slow Photoshoot -32

Like the little character on the antenna, look for this license plate as well and find Milt. One of the coolest guys I've talked to.
Sick car & awesome person, what more else to say?


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