VIP'ed G35 Sedan

August 26, 2010

I just love VIP cars.
A lot of work goes into it and when done right, $$$$

Here's a clean and luxury G35 Sedan owned by Charles Magayanes from SoCal.
I would love to see the interior of this car,
but because Charles ride didn't have a chance to do a photoshoot,
pictures are limited.
You could still see how well this car is stanced, not with air but coilovers!
Now that's purely OG.
Charles recently got his wheels and they fit perfectly with the car.
You can't go more VIP than this.


I definitely want to roll in one of these and impress people :)


Auto Couture Supreme
BC racing coilovers

Engine/Drivetrain Modifications:
Motordyne 5/16 iso plenum spacer
SXEXCX custom grounding kit
HKS oil cap
Powered By Max magnetic oil drain plug
HR y-pipe
Coupe Midpipe
Blitz axle back exhaust

Momo automatic shift knob
Junction Produce kintuna
Junction Produce fusa
Junction Produce hip pads
LED dome lights
Jdm clear corners with bump
Weather tech rain visors
M3 style trunk lip spoiler
Roof spoiler
18% Tint
6000k GARAX low beams
3500k high beams/fogs


There are so much things that I want to show to you guys with this car, so I'm hoping to get in contact with him and do a photoshoot :)


Perfect stance! VIP Style!


Very x10 clean. You can't go wrong with a G35, especially when it's VIP.


Photo credits go to Charles


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