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August 16, 2010

I'm always amazed when I see xB's pushing the limit to be hellaflush.
Seriously, how in the world can you work out wheel fitments when the widths are like 11~12 and an offset of +0 or even to the minuses?

Well here is another xB owner that's into the hellaflush scene and making things work out like it's nothing.

Danny sent me a short introduction and it can't get any better than this:

Didn't do much to my box, i like the simple and clean look so thats pretty much what i did, just a nice drop and some fitment..
I'm already liking this guy.
What he said is exactly what I look for into stance'd cars.


Remember I said pushing the limit and making things work out that seem almost impossible? Danny's ride is on WORK XSA 02C's 15x8 all around with an offset of -0(F) & -12(R).


WORK XSA 02c's 15x8 (f-0 )(r-12)

Universal air on Tanabe Coilover Strut (for the front)
accuair vu4

Orataro front face finisher
White LED's under door handles
Custom dash table
Custom painted tail lights



Photo credits go to dohcresearch


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