Special Coverage: AAautoworks Photoshoot

September 18, 2010

Had nothing much to do on Friday and found out my boi Jose had a photoshoot at AAautoworks warehouse.
I felt like being in the movie Fast & the Furious Tokyo Drift.
All these models, exotic cars, a lot of people, bumpin music, beers for everyone~ man it was chill.

Because I don't have the mucho expensive lens and lighting, pics came out pretty bad, but just giving you an idea of how the photoshoot went..

AAauto -9

You could see Jose's car at the left.

AAauto -6

From the side. Didn't want to bother the photographer so I was sneaking around taking shots.

AAauto -5

That's an Audi S5. Didn't have a chance to go up close, but it had some baller custom made DPE's. Not those ones with a lip, but these were designed in a concaved shape. Wish I went closer but he left after couple of minutes.

AAauto -4

More shots of this S2K later on. Met the owner and I found out he owned the purple widebody Scion tC that was featured on Super Street. This dudes a baller! Talked with him for awhile and found out his s2k currently pulls 310 hp. The interior was pretty dam dope. Recaro seats with a roll cage that was chrome dipped! More pics of it later on.

AAauto -11

Staffs, models, people..doing a photoshoot. It's all blurry and stuff but all this media stuff was going on.

AAauto -13

Engine bay of the s2k. A m a z i n g.
Didn't know he was a Team Hybrid member.

AAauto -21

AAauto -22

AAauto -28

Line up of the cars.

AAauto -8

You need to see this bike. Carbon fiber body kit that was custom made by the shop. This machine can FLY!!!

AAauto -30

Before I left, the guys were doing some stunts. Pretty kool :)

Anyways, if u guys need bodywork done, check out AAautoworks~


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