Special Coverage: Bisimoto Luxury Exotic Car Meet

September 13, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Sept 11. Events -167-2

After the two events, I went to City of Industry for the Bisimoto meet to take some photos and do my final coverage of the day. I was really exhausted but managed to stay until all the cars came in. Pictures are all angled out and look weird so sorry about that :)
Anyways, big thanks to Randy (Sale Manager for Bisimoto) for hooking it up with the VIP pass. First time talking to him and we had a long conversation about business and stuff. Awesome guy to talk to so if you're planning to get products from Bisimoto, talk to Randy.
I also met some photographers; from MotorMavens and Honda-Wired.
Cool guys as well.

Most of the cars that came to the show were purely stock or crazy modded.
These cars still look sick stocked, so I had no idea what was going on until they opened up the engine bay.
Majority of the cars were Porsche, and then Ferrari, Lotus, BMW, and a Lambo.

Sept 11. Events -168-2

Porsche guys that came early..

Sept 11. Events -169-2

Sept 11. Events -170-2

Sept 11. Events -172-2

This car is a BEAST!!!!!! Pull 1000 something HP. Don't know the exact details but he doesn't track this car at all. It's all for show. I wish I was rich......

Sept 11. Events -171-2

Did he just get this car? So clean!!!!

Sept 11. Events -173-2

Sept 11. Events -174-2

Bimmer line~
Seen these cars at RPM.

Sept 11. Events -175-2

Sept 11. Events -177-2

This small machine, Lotus, is known for the top best handling cars. Also, read an article and this car doesn't break down!

Sept 11. Events -176-2


Sept 11. Events -179-2

Sept 11. Events -178-2

Raffle pleaseeeeeeeeee

Sept 11. Events -182-2

Hope they don't roll in to a car show that's not exotic because it will kill the show. I love these cars........:/

Sept 11. Events -180-2

I never knew BBS made such wheels. No wonder Miro and other rep companies were making the same design.

Sept 11. Events -186-2

Sept 11. Events -187-2

Sept 11. Events -191-2

Sept 11. Events -188-2

The photographer from MotorMavens went up to the owner of this car and asked if he was down for a photoshoot, and if I remember correctly, the owner was asking how much he was going to get paid....come on!

Sept 11. Events -189-2

Now that's gangsta..

Sept 11. Events -192-2

I don't know a lot about Porsche's..but I remember seeing a video from Youtube about this car in matt Black and it had a widebody with flushed out wheels. It looked SICK! someone tell me more about this car.

Sept 11. Events -193-2

Sept 11. Events -194-2

Sept 11. Events -195-2

Exotic or what?

Sept 11. Events -196-2

This is the Lambo without the lambo doors.

Sept 11. Events -197-2

Group photo! It suks when you don't have the proper lighting equipment and lens..

Anyways, less cars than I expected but still good to talk to new people. Pretty amazing how they pretty much rented out Outback Steakhouse. Awesome show Bisimoto!


Randy@bisimoto said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for the love William!

Appreciate you coming out, shoot me an email for more info on that Porsche you were asking about. I got a few more ops for ya!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

bisimoto does ultimatly suck!He swears hes the shit...along with his tag along girlfriend

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