Random Spotlight: Black on Gold

September 30, 2010


One of the cars that attract car lovers are s2k's.
Let's get to the facts.. it's small, fast, good looking, and a coupe! :D
Like always, I was browsing through the RSX forums and came across this s2k on Gold Volk TE37's.
These wheels are popular and common to see on tracks, but personally, I never get tired of it. It's one of those wheels that look sick, especially if they are concaved.


The roll cage pretty much explains the use of this car. Matt's the owner and he kept the car simple, but yet aggressive.


Even with thick tires, the stance is there and the addition of LED strips to the front makes the car look a bit unique.

Chargespeed Front Lip
Chargespeed Canards
ASM Rear Overfenders
ASM Ducktail Lip Spoiler
Shaved Liscense/Emblem Holes
Shaved Trunk

Volk TE37's In House of Kolor Zenith Gold (17x8.5 +30 17x9 +22)
Falken Azenis 615 (235/40 255/40)

Cusco 6pt Roll Cage w Custom 2 Stage Prismatic Powder
Mugen Race 3 Steering Wheel
Mugen Steering Boss
Titanium Steering Wheel Bolts
Arc Polished Titan Shift Knob
Axial Flow Short Shift

Buddy Club N+ Coilovers
CR Front Sway
AP1 Rear Sway
AEM V2 Cai
Berk Test Pipe

One of my favorite features on s2k's is the start engine button. It has a button but still requires a key. Different yet unique!



By the way, the car is not done yet. A lot more in store for his s2k and i'll definitely update this post once I get the info.


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