Event Coverage: Fatlace X DSPORT Shakotan

September 5, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

September is packed with awesome events and I was planning to attend 2 this weekend; Shakotan @ Fontanta and Greddy Fest @ Irvine.
But! my family, all of a sudden, planned out a trip on sunday, which is today, so I had to miss the Greddy Fest.

Fror those who have no idea what Shakotan means, I define it as a JDM car that is super low. You could also say Hellaflush. That's my definition. There might be more to it, but one fact for sure is that it all started from Japan.

First of all, the weather was ffffffffffff'in HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
It sort of felt like Vegas. Actually, I was sweating more than I was in Vegas. Arrival/parking time for the Fatlace registered people started at 8am and even though it was a bit early, the weather was humid, hot, sticky, etc. As expected, not a lot of car showed up, but the vendors were high class. You'll see most of the vendors by looking at the pics.
Time for a long coverage so if you don't want to read -> FLICKR

Rolled in and there were already more than 20 cars parked and ready to go in. I took some shots, but it all came out wack. Right behind me,

Shakotan -1

SplenDara from LowBallers parked. I met this guy through facebook and I recognized his ride and face. You're seeing one of the two LowBaller members not living in Vegas. I think there are only 2 in SoCal, so it was awesome seeing SplenDara reppin the crew.

We all go in and start parking. Because this event had a drag racing track and drag racing was taking place, a lot of racing cars were there as well.
Anyways, to the pics of the Fatlace registered peepz

Shakotan -2

Dope looking Acura with a Yakima rack.

Shakotan -3

Shakotan -136

From Team Praxis, this car has the copper/gold theme. Custom powdercoated Volk Rims and Wing. More pics of it later on.

Shakotan -4

Another car from Team Praxis and this time, a Scion tC. I've never sen this ride on ScionLife. I think he's keeping it down-low. Unique body kit with a VIP style theme.

Shakotan -6

Team SupaStar~~~ I visit their forums pretty often. Awesome people to talk to. One of their members, Eric, recognized who I was and he introduced me to the team. They let me chill in their canopy and offered drinks. Want to say thank you to team supastar :)

Shakotan -10

Sick. Enough said.

Shakotan -12

SmartWax was present like always. I use some of their products and I gotta say it's some dope stuff.

Shakotan -13

BuddyClub was at the show as well. If I had cash, I would've bought these rims and do something with it because they were only selling it for $100 per rim. That's heck of a deal. Also had exhausts, seats, etc.

Shakotan -14

Here ya go. I think the left one was for $250.

Shakotan -17

This Accord is quality. Interior & Exterior, most of the products are high-end. He got 2nd place in the Honda category.

Shakotan -18

Don't know this car and the owner personally, but seen him around through The Chronicles.

Shakotan -19

SICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! More pics of this car later on. Seen it at couple of shows and I'm always suprised. He placed... 1st or 2nd in the Time Attack category.

Shakotan -20

Lot USA was there as a Vendor. Man.......they had some awesome products for sale. This was one of the booths that I really wanted to spend massive money.

Shakotan -21

Bride Mazora seat for $999??? omg.....LIKE!!!!!!!!

Shakotan -22

Shakotan -68

Shakotan -109

Shakotan -58

Shakotan -111

This car is sick. From Infinit Wheels, he got 2nd or 3rd place in the Hellaflush category. By the way, I met Anthony from Infinit Wheels. He recognized my face and called me up. I was clueless at first, but recognized him later on. I think it was the dam heat! Anyways, thx Anthony for saying sup!

Shakotan -23

Shakotan -112

Shakotan -64

Shakotan -65

Shakotan -66

Booth of Infinit Wheels. Some SICK and RARE wheels. You gotta visit their site or their store to check out these rims.

Shakotan -24

Shakotan -59

Another ride reppin Infinit Wheels. Sexiness.

Shakotan -25

Dam....guys reppin Infinit Wheels have some awesome cars...

Shakotan -26

Shakotan -106

Shakotan -63

I turn around and see this Lexus pulling up. Guess how much HP this one pulls....1000...I know..pretty dam f'in amazing.

Shakotan -27

This car wasn't parked with the rest, but looked pretty sexy.

Shakotan -28

VIPness. Lexus on JP wheels(?)

Shakotan -29

Shakotan -154

Five Axis was a vendor for this event. This Z is owned by the owner...i think...

Shakotan -30

S14?15? Anyways, this one competed in the Drag Race. Loving the interior of this car.

Shakotan -31

ARK Design was at the event. I had no idea ARK Performance and ARK Design were separate companies. Here's an Evo with ARK wheels. Not my taste, but unique.

Shakotan -32

Shakotan -33

Shakotan -34

Couple of more cars with ARK designed wheels.

Shakotan -35

Shakotan -113

Drool.........This car is owned by the same owner of the 1000hp purple Lexus..He also has a GS.

Shakotan -36

No info about this company, but they were selling some basic products.

Shakotan -37


Shakotan -39

Only the models attracted people.

Shakotan -40

Shakotan -57

Rotiform showing their wheels and car. You guys might've seen this car through Hellaflush.com.

Shakotan -41

Shakotan -151

Ruckus!!!!!!!! This was my first time checking these out closely. I sooooooo want one!

Shakotan -42


Shakotan -44

Here's another shot of the VIP Lexus. WIN!

Shakotan -45

Some stanceness.

Shakotan -48

Probably different guys, but I have at least one picture of this booth for every single event coverage I did in SoCal.

Shakotan -49

Ruckus madness.

Shakotan -50

The turboed out Ruckus..how many hp? no idea..

Shakotan -51

You could do sooo much to this little ride.

Shakotan -52

Shakotan -97

One of the sickest Acura's. On air and SSR Professors.

Shakotan -53

2nd time seeing this car after Island Motorsports Meet & Greet.

Shakotan -54

Walking back and forth, I go back to the ARK Design booth and took a pic of their wheels.

Shakotan -55

Misa Campo as the featured model for DSPORT. When will I see this girl?

Shakotan -61

Lexus IS on air. Owner is from DSPORT.

Shakotan -62


Shakotan -67

Shakotan -110

Remember I was talking about the Time Attack winner, well here's a pic of its engine bay...Those wheels are Volk Te37 something...concaved all around...I WANT!

Shakotan -69

Mini-Garage Sale going on.

Shakotan -70

I'll get back to this Evo later on :)

Shakotan -71

Not sure the model of this Bimmer.

Shakotan -73

Like always, NOS was there.

Shakotan -74

If I'm correct, s2k hard top Miata.

Shakotan -75

From Team SHYNE.

Shakotan -76

One of the cars that I'll be doing a photoshoot and featuring for my blog and JustStance.com.

Shakotan -77

Twins?? :)

Shakotan -78

Another pic of this ride. Loved the spot and lighting.

Shakotan -79

Flat Black G35 or 37.

Shakotan -80

Shakotan -81

The only Lotus that was present. Loving the color, wheels, interior...

Shakotan -83

Shakotan -84

Shakotan -85

Can't identify this car but I remember it being sick. :D I never get tired of Work Meisters.

Shakotan -87

Integra on Work Equips.

Shakotan -90

Shakotan -91

Forgot what this car was...Haven't seen some Cai's for a long time.

Shakotan -92

Shakotan -93

One day..i'm going to get concave te37's...one day...

Shakotan -98

There was an awesome try-out going on throughout the event. I don't know why, but the recruiters for the Army base had their booth and gave people the opportunity to try rock climbing. The fastest person to reach the top gets a $500 gift certificate from Exedy. You'll see the winner later on.

Shakotan -99

Well let's get back to the white designed Evo I was talking about before.
I love anime and this car did a great job on its design.

Shakotan -100

The Ultimate VOLTEX wing.

Shakotan -101

Full of win.

Shakotan -103

Classic BMW.
From Team Ar-K-N. Heard this team was big. Don't know anything about them but just heard it from a friend.

Shakotan -104

Shakotan -131

O yea!! Drag racing was going on~ I totally forgot about and ran to where the event was taking place. I really wanted to get into the pit, but unfortunately, you needed a special pass or something so I tried to take some decent shots. The walls were a bitch to take photos, so I took very few....yea..few...

Shakotan -105

Let's go electric!

Shakotan -107

Shakotan -108

3rd or 4th time seeing this car. I really really like this Bimmer because of its customer powdercoated BBS LM's and seats. Time to get myself some gold bolts :D

Shakotan -114

Team SupaStar~ Nissan Cube on .. i think Work XD9's. Met the owner of this car and she had a unique but cool laugh :)

Shakotan -115

I had to take more photos of this truck. Thought I had more but seems like this is the only one that came out pretty good. The cambers on the front wheels are INSANE!!!!!!

Shakotan -116

1st place winner for Hellaflush. This Z is full of win. Work Meisters 3 pc all around, perfect x100 stance.

Shakotan -117

Back to the sexy silvia.

Shakotan -119

MotorMavens~! Check them out guys. MotorMavens.com

Shakotan -120

SOoooo awesome...

Shakotan -122

Shakotan -124

Gotta give props to the DJ's. They were playing music throughout the whole event.

Shakotan -126

Shakotan -125

1st place winners for each category got a watch from Mesiters. This was my first time hearing and seeing these. Made straight from Japan. Price range? depends but around $400 for the baller ones.

Shakotan -127

I like red...

Shakotan -128

I don't know why...but I took a lot of pics of this car. Is it sexy or what.

Shakotan -129

CF covered...one day....

Shakotan -130

\(-o-)/ _(_ _)_

Shakotan -134

Forgot his name!!! Anyways, the wheel you see on his neck is from Varrstoen. It's their new release in colors. Don't forget to check out their site! (click on their banner to the left).

Shakotan -135

Girls from SmartWax...are they even legal? They looked really young.

Shakotan -137

One of the sexiest TL's in SoCal. Seen this car through the WFC forums and I fell in love with the stance and color.

Shakotan -138

2nd place winner for the Hellaflush category.

Shakotan -139

This is the owner of the sick cars, 1000hp lexus and the other purple VIP lexus. He was driving this one around the event with passengers.

Shakotan -140

See the sticker on the left of the fender? "Sitting Pretty." My homie, Noel, who drives the the G35 on SSR MS1's, is starting his own small business. It's called "sitting pretty" and he's slowly promoting this at events. Make sure you check it out and try to find him walking around at events with a pile of decals.

Shakotan -141

Shakotan -142

Amateur model.

Shakotan -144

I should've taken more photos of this model...

Shakotan -145

Another tC that rolled in later on.

Shakotan -146

omg...sick...This car deserves a trophy..

Shakotan -148

DSPORT booth.

Shakotan -149

Shakotan -150

I remember this s2k on ARK wheels, but seems like he changed back to this original ones. VERY unique looking s2k.

Shakotan -155

The overall style of this car is amazing.

Shakotan -157

O~ who's car? :)

Shakotan -158

The Honda guys.

Shakotan -162

So to the Army event, which was rock climbing..

Shakotan -162

This is Nick. I met him through Team Supastar. He's not in the team but has a lot of friends from the team. One of the guys from DSPORT came up to the teams canopy and told us that the Army guys were giving a gift certificate to the winner of the event.
Well Nick does rock climbing 3 times a week and he's basically a pro.

Shakotan -163

Shakotan -164

Luckily, he had all his equipment and was pumped up!

Shakotan -165

Crazy skills going on..

Shakotan -166

BOOM! finished in 10 seconds!!!
The record in the army is 9 seconds... f'in amazing.
Props to Nick and congradz on winning the gift certificate :D

Shakotan -167

The dude in the back was working his butt off trying to sell some candies...drinks...etc. Finally got a customer and he's happy.

Shakotan -168

If I was a judge for this event, I would give this car a trophy for being hella x100 flush. Messed up fender = win.

Shakotan -169

Posing with Varrstoen wheel. By the way, JustStance.com and Varrstoen are supporters for each other. Check out both sites!

Shakotan -172

Finally...time to announce the winners...

Shakotan -177

and everyone is hiding from the sun....


Shakotan -180

Shakotan -182

Shakotan -183

Shakotan -184

What's in here??

Shakotan -185

1st place with the Mesiter watch!

Shakotan -186

Shakotan -188

He's liking the watch already.

Shakotan -189

Can't get his eyes off it. Congradz!!

Shakotan -190

This guy was hillarious. He was walking around telling everyone it was hot.

Shakotan -191

From Team Supastar. Won 2nd place in the VIP category.

Shakotan -192

Shakotan -193

Shakotan -194

Owner of the Cube~~

Shakotan -197

Onwer of the sick hellaflush hatchback from Infinit Wheels.

Whew...that was longggg..
Like always, thanks for reading the coverage :D
Next major event? Japanese Classic Car Show and Longo Show.


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