Random Spotlight: Friends Are Alike

September 20, 2010


Do you guys remember the 2 Bimmers I did a feature on?
Both are good friends and into the stance scene.
Today's featured cars and their owners are good friends as well.

Check it out. One is a 2005 G35 Coupe on Work Meisters. I've NEVER seen a G on Mesiters, but only on Z's, so this is pretty refreshing.
Next car is even unique-r (if that word even exists). It's a 83 jetta 2-door with rust going on all over the car, but looks pretty tight!

Let's start off with the Jetta~ Owner is Matt. Props to this guy. Just check out the pics of his ride.


Don't be saying "ewww~."
It's not all about 'kept cleaned' cars that can be featured on my site.
If it has stance, it's worth it. Even better if the car is different.

Diamond racing steelies 13x8
Raceland coils

Other Mods
Battery powered fan for ac
Cool beads on the seats
Camo steering wheel cover

I cracked up reading the interior mods :D
But at least he has something going on.


Some rust going on. Dam..this is like an antique/vintage car.


It's like he's saying, "I got stance bro!!!"

Our next car is the G35 on Meisters. Yea..I know..they 2 cars don't go well together. But one thing for sure, these guys have STANCE! Owner is Eduardo and he knows wsup!


Whoa. Pretty dam clean. Liking how all the emblems were taken off from the back. Also, the spoiler gives an aggressive look. Some cars do NOT look good in any way with a spoiler, but this G definitely pulls it off.

Work meister s1 3-piece 19x10.5 & 9.5 -14 offset
Stance gr coilovers with wicked tuning camber kit up front

I gotta give this guy props. Why? He's only 17 and look what he drives. DAYMM!!! I wish I was young....


A front lip will make this car look much better. It will complete the car with the spoiler.


It's always good to start young and be in the stance scene because there are so many options to take and most importantly, enough time.
Awesome rides and stance.

Photo credits go to Matt


Vadim said... [Reply to comment]

I actually REALLY like that kind of a dub and I like the wheels alot! Plus, theyre super cheap! :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Dope stuff. All I wanna know is how a 17 year old affords a G35 and Meister's. Must be nice!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

the wheels aren't cheap lol. and i work more ALOT

Will said... [Reply to comment]

agree :)
good to hear man!

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