Event Coverage: FYC Cruise/BBQ Coverage

September 19, 2010

Fckyourcrew -66

FYC Cruise/BBQ was pretty darn awesome today.
I rolled out with Noel (owner of the G35 on SSR MS1's) to the first location, Alamitos Park @ Long Beach. Not a lot of cars were there, so I was like.. "o man...hope a lot of cars show up.." but after 10 minutes or so, cars were just keep coming and coming from stocks to VIP. Even cops showed up and was running license plate #'s, which was a PITA to stay quiet while rolling out. Half of us went into another parking location to avoid the cops and when one car was trying to go over those spike attatched bumps to head to our final location, his car got stucked! :D (Hellaflush approved!) That's when 4~5 cops came into the lot. Luckily, all of us went out with no problem and the guy's car that got stuck on that bump came without a ticket. So basically, the cops were pretty cool :)

Another situation happend while heading to the park. The wagon belonging to Simple Wheel Werks broke down! and it happend in the middle of the freeway! O man...but overall, event was awesome. Great turn out for a first cruise/bbq meet.

Fckyourcrew -1

Fckyourcrew -44

This was only the top lot that got filled up with cars. There was another space at the bottom level and that place was packed as well.

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Here's the car that got stuck on that bump :) From all those cambered cars that I saw in SoCal, this one was probably the most insane, sexy, gorgeous, awesome looking car. It reminded me of the oni-cambered cars in Japan. He's on coils! License plate? BROK U NK :D

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Fckyourcrew -42

Dara's sexy VIP Lexus. Always good to see such a nice car.

Fckyourcrew -4

OG status Simple Wheels Werk's Lexus.

Fckyourcrew -5

Loved this car. You guys know that I'm not a huge fan of green, but this is just different. The wheels and the car...thumbs up!!

Fckyourcrew -6

When I saw this car rolling in at the first location, it looked really good. Thought those were BBS's but Ewing? Something like that..anyways, sexy hatchback.

Fckyourcrew -7

Charle's Y33. Once he gets those wheels fully polished, gonna be a sexy looking car. Still looks sexy.

Fckyourcrew -8

Clean. It's really hard to pull those wheels off but it always works with a Lexus.

Fckyourcrew -9

Fckyourcrew -22

Wes's SC. I'm really bad in memorizing names, so if i'm wrong, my bad! But yea..think it's Wes's. From a tC to a Lexus...awesome upgrade.

Fckyourcrew -10

Twin?? :) Love it!!

Fckyourcrew -11

This was like a Lexus meet. So many Lexus's that made my car look horrible

Fckyourcrew -12

Never seen this car. Very sick!

Fckyourcrew -13

Has to be on air...right?

Fckyourcrew -14

Can't recall the brand of those wheels. Another sick looking car..

Fckyourcrew -15

I like this car but I personally think those rims are huge!

Fckyourcrew -16

Like!! and I'm thinking that was its height. Better go on air because it will look mad sexy.

Fckyourcrew -17

Checking out all these Lexus's, I wanna sell my car and buy one..like..now..

Fckyourcrew -54

Forgot his name but I met him @ Shakotan. Very very sick lookin VIP Lexus on JP wheels. Gotta check this car out in person.

Fckyourcrew -19

Fckyourcrew -21

SSR MS1's on a Lexus.

Fckyourcrew -23

AHHHH!!! Love this car....

Fckyourcrew -25

Fckyourcrew -47

Minh's Lexus on Enkei's RPF1's. He messed up his side skirt today :(

Fckyourcrew -26

clap clap clap

Fckyourcrew -27

I think it was my first time seeing VS-XX's in Black Chrome finish..
dam.. they looked really really sexy..

Fckyourcrew -29

This dude got a ticket today...got pulled over while heading to the park..

Fckyourcrew -30

Would be awesome to roll in one of these...

Fckyourcrew -32

Fckyourcrew -33

I bet this car has an awesome engine bay. Check out the wheels..I'm guessing those were gold dipped.

Fckyourcrew -34

Fully polishedChrome Dipped Varrstoen's. Looked really good in person.

Fckyourcrew -37

Never seen this Solara in SoCal. Don't remeber if he was on air, but the overall look was sexy. As you can see, it's turboed.

Fckyourcrew -38

Not a lot of hatchback's but was good to see couple.

Fckyourcrew -39

Simple Wheel Werks crew and others getting ready for BBQ!

Fckyourcrew -40

Joey looking tired. Good shiet today bro!

Fckyourcrew -41

Some cars left early at the bottom lot, but here's an integra(?) on Gram Lights.

Fckyourcrew -43

To be honest, not a fan of real wheel brand logos on rep wheels. But o well...:) Stance was pretty good though

Fckyourcrew -45

I THINK those wheels were XXR's, but I never seen one with polished lips. Looked pretty darn good with those NRG lug nuts.

Fckyourcrew -71

When I took my sunglasses off, the car was white, but when on, it had some cherry red accents. WTF? It was tight!

Fckyourcrew -49

Fckyourcrew -51

NOS again..but this time..no model :D
Props to Jeremy from Elite-Autosports for hooking it up with NOS drinks.
By the way, the cherry flavored one is good.

Fckyourcrew -52

Fckyourcrew -53

What you lookin at boy!

Fckyourcrew -60

Fckyourcrew -63

Fckyourcrew -69

Fckyourcrew -67

People chillin out and eatin. Thx for the food!

Can't wait for the 2nd Cruise/BBQ. It was like a mini-hellaflush event :)
Great job Joey and Simple Wheel Werks and thx to everyone who showed up to support Fckyourcrew!


Elite AutoSports said... [Reply to comment]

Will I can always say you do bomb coverage and wright ups... A+++++.. Cant wait till Night-Import Does there meet =) thank for the support

fckyourcrew said... [Reply to comment]

Really appreciate it, awesome coverage.
Awesome pictures!

JDMCD5ACCORD said... [Reply to comment]

the varrstoens on my car were actually chrome dipped. but yeah nice turn out!

Will said... [Reply to comment]

Ah~ no wonder they looked so sexy. awesome job on those wheels man.

JDMCD5ACCORD said... [Reply to comment]

thanks! they were a close call but came out great fitment is great too! 18x9 +15

Ed said... [Reply to comment]

cool pics, awesome job!!! I am the one with the s-class :D

Will said... [Reply to comment]

keep it up man :) looking good

Ed said... [Reply to comment]


thx but its looking dirty... just got out of the shop on friday since I bought it a month ago... lol

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Great pics Will.. John-SC430

poplatino4 said... [Reply to comment]

Sick meet, glad to help out with hauling the bbq stuff off the busted wagon. I was that really dirty lonely gs on the back XD

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