Random Spotlight: Night Hawk

September 29, 2010


I've contacted Felix, the owner of this Prelude, awhile ago and he finally got back to me with awesome photos.
So far, this is my second coverage of a Prelude.
It's simply one of those cars you don't see that much in the stance scene.

Well here's a 1999 Honda Prelude Base 5spd doing it right.
 11 year old car and we could all see the owner did a great job managing its look.
I remember seeing this ride @ Hellaflush 5 and it was stunning. Impressed by the overall look and stance, I definitely thought it was a car worth a feature.
  I was lucky enough to find him on the forums, so here are some pictures to share.



Sitting very nicely even with some thick tires.
AEM Cold Air Intake
Tri Y Headers
Aspec Exhaust
High Flow Catalytic Converter
Neuspeed wires

Suspension and brakes
Ksport Pro Coilovers
Megan Rear Toe arms
Neuspeed Front Upper strut bar
Rear upper strut bar
Baer Big Brake Kit
SS lines

Bride Ergo I seat
Bride Brackets
Arc Ti Shiftknob
Pspec Short Shifter
Type S Shift Boot
Prodrive Sports Steering Wheel
Prodrive Rapfix II Quick Release
Works Bell Slim Hub
Alpine Ida x001
S2000 Push Start Engine start
Vled Throughout

VIS carbon Hood
Weather Tech Visors
Tsx Retrofit (5000k Low beam and 5000k Highbeams)
JDM foglights (3000k HID)
WWRS Side Skirt
WWRS Rear lip
Greddy Gracer Front lip
Yakima Roof Rack

17x10 +35 5Zigen Fn01r-c's Hyper Black
235 40 17 Falken Fk452
5mm Spacers front
3mm Spacers Rear

You don't see a lot of concaved Fn01R-c's, especially the ones on this Prelude. Looks different than those with high offsets.


Once again, stance is on point.



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Yee Thanks man :D

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very nice. one of a kind.

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