Random Spotlight: Project Built #2: Green Drifter

September 16, 2010


If you guys remember, I did a coverage on a project-build coverage of a Jetta.
This will be my 2nd project-build coverage, but this time, a S13.

One of my favorite cars in the car world are Silvia's.
I don't know why but they look sexy when drifting or even on the road.
What makes it look better is when they are properly stanced.
You guys gotta agree that Silvia's look sexy when slammed to the ground.

The Green Silvia being featured today belongs to Eugene from LV, but borned in Russia.
The reason why I chose this car as a project built feature was because of the work that was done by Eugene himself. You'll see the progress from how it started to how it sits today, but everything was done in his garage. From welding to paint, the car came out amazing and all the responses in his thread is full with compliments.
I did a breakdown of his project built S13 so here we go~



Eugene started this out with a S13 shell that was pretty much beat up in paint and the body itself. The welding and paint began.


Fresh and sexy. I love white :D


Steering column brackets added..


and with some more work, the car is fitted all together with a body kit and ready to be painted. But before the paint, we gotta check out what rims Eugene got...BOOM!


Those are some sexy concaved 5Zigen's. I really envy all the cars that have a bolt pattern of 5x114.3. You can't do shet with 5x100. Everything has to be custom made and the price jumps like crazy...
oopz..I went off topic..back to the S13.


Car was fully wet-sanded and then painted to this sexy 2010 porsche GT3 color. The body was all fitted together and he finished putting all the lexan windows, got mirrors to put on and subframe and the solid bushings.


O man...that concave steering wheel is sexy.....man...that really is sexy...

Anyways.. a lot of other mods were added, such as the lexan windows mentioned before, oil stuff..intercooler...etc.



Seems like Eugene sold his 5Zigen's and went with these Work Eurolines 18x8 & 18x9. Car is pretty much ready to drift!!!!! but no engine yet :)


The engine came in and almost everything is ready. More details of the engine at the end~ Things being relocated here and there~


New exhaust and was made to fit by cutting the ending of the fiberglass rear bumper.


Interior is sick! Seats are from Aero Design and seems like they are the Carbon Kevlar versions.


Interior shot at night. Looking good!!


Car is now done and looking sexier than before. Really, you guys need to give this guy props. Everything was done by his own hands. It takes a lot of skills to do such a project. Dedication is definitely needed and from seeing this project built S13, Eugene had it all.

stitch welded chassi
FD legal rollcage
BIG tubs
custom engine brace
custom front bash bar
rear bash bar
power brace
gutted doors and truck lid
lots of sick dimpled gussets lol

BN replica kit/hood
D-max overs front 40mm rear 50mm
Lexan Glass rear and quater windows
GTO roof wing
custom motorcycle mirrors
Kouki tails

Flocked dash sick sick sick
Apaxi gauges (tach,oil press,oil temp,water temp, boost,)
AeroDesign racing seats
Crow racing harness
MOMO steering wheel
NRG quick release
full custom interior harness with moroso swith panel
CNC hydro e-brake

550 injectors
z32 maf
Enthalpy ECU
garrett T28 turbo
custom intercooler air duct
light weight pulleys
koyo radiator
ford taurus fan with made by Eugene fan shroud lol
custom oil catch can
oil cooler
oil filter re-locator
bmi coil cover
WiringSpecialities engine harness
welded diff lol

bullet aluminum subframe bushings
reinforced LCA's front and rear
Ksport coils
Ksport camber kit
rear toe kit
adjustable front tension rods
Work Euroline DH 18x8 +5 front 245/35/18 18x9 +12 245/40/18

Photo credits go to Eugene. Awesome S13!!!!


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