Random Spotlight: Rise of a King

September 24, 2010


One of the sickest looking VIP cars I've seen so far.
The car owner known as KingPin at various forums wrote up a little story about his car..
The Car took 18 mts from the first time we decided to build it , Thanks to Skperformance Who showed me a junction procude Y34 ina vip mag.. . Project started off by getting a JP Kit and going from that point on we added only the best of the best in parts , AC maq rims , Juntion Produce body kit , air runner , BFG kdw tires easy street air management , and all new hard lines for air lines , on install on the air runner almost all the suspension parts were changed along with the brakes and rotors which were slotted and drilled.
As for now the next plan is to upgrade the brakes to BBK , new rims and a Dad Fur interior and some fender work to run 19/10 and 19/11.5 and a new paint job >> stay tuned .. this build is not over yet its just started ..
It's all about inspiration guys. That's how my car started and I'm guessing how it started with all of ya rides.


I love what I'm seeing. Loving the JP theme and that's the route I'm planning to take in the future :)

Full Junction Produce 5 pc body kit
Junction produce muffler Stage 2
Junction produce Large mark emblem Grill
Junction produce Y34 grill with carbon fiber trim
Rear Medium Junction produce Mark emblem
Custom reverse sensors (invisible)
Y34 Gloria window visors
Custom Re bar and front end conversion
HID Fogs
LED exterior lights
3.5 inc stainless steel muffler piping
25% Tint
High society vip logo

Air runner suspension
Easy street digital air Management
Upgraded stainless steel braided air lines
8 gallon alum tank
Water trap / Super drain
Special air lines for multi purpose use (using of power tool or adding air to you tires etc )
Upgraded 480 Viva air compressor
Custom hidden air tanks and valves
Drilled and slotted rotors / EBC reds pads
O Guage wiring and 8 FH cap

Full led lights
Junction produce Fusa white
Junction produce Med Kintuna gold
Bose surround sound

20" Auto Couture MAGNIFIQUE Black Label
Fronts > 9.5 inc wide
Rear >10.5 inch wide
2 piece structure
forged center
20 inc BFG KDW 245 35 20/ 285 30 20

Probably all the aftermarket parts in this car equals to the amount of my car alone. It really takes a lot of time and effort to go VIP.


Photo credits go to StanceIsEverything, dub, and gawa.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

WTF !! WHO where and when .. this guys must be from japan that Jp shit is dalla Yo .. ? 11 out of 10 ..

Will said... [Reply to comment]

haha seems like ur liking it :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

dammmmm this homie is from canada saw his ride on VSc .... WOW .. just WOW ! i know canada has moose and lots of trees but this is another level of respect i have for canadians ..

Blake ..

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