Event Coverage: S-Chassis Car Show

September 12, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Sept 11. Events -58-2

3 events were going on in one day...
and~~~~I managed to go to all 3 so good job to me :D

First show was the S-Chassis Car Show. All different types of Silvias and some other car brands as well.
The turn out was OK. Not as big as I thought it was going to be.
Met some awesome people and chilled with Jeremy from Elite-Autosports.

First photo you guys see was one of my favorites throughout the event. Clean, Quality, Stanced. But there were other nice ones as well so let's get into the pics.

Sept 11. Events -1-2

Forgot what wheels this was on.
Need some re-clearing.

Sept 11. Events -3-2

Black on black. Me Like~

Sept 11. Events -5-2

One of the cleanest ride. I really didn't care about the stance for this show. My blog is called "night-import." I look for all different types of cars :)

Sept 11. Events -6-2

Sept 11. Events -7-2

Sept 11. Events -9-2

Sept 11. Events -12-2

Reppin Illest~~! I think that's a wink mirror inside...

Sept 11. Events -13-2

Most of the cars were pretty clean. Although this one is an oldy, still looking good.

Sept 11. Events -16-2

Really loved this car..another shot with better lighting.

Sept 11. Events -17-2

Sept 11. Events -18-2

Work Equips~~~~~~~~~ Dam...I don't know why but I loveee these wheels. If they only made these in 5x100, I would so get em. Who knows? I might sell mine and order a customized set in Japan if possible. But~~~ discontinued (?)

Sept 11. Events -19-2

Seems like the vertical ones didn't get watermarked...o well.
anyways, 5zigens FN0Rc-1 or whatever you call em. This one was MEAN looking.

Sept 11. Events -20-2

Sept 11. Events -21-2

Older type Advan's. Looks pretty darn sexy.

Sept 11. Events -22-2

Clean~~~~~~~~i wanna see these drift!!!

Sept 11. Events -23-2

I saw this one @ the House of Drift. He was drifting pretty well. By the way, those wheels reminded me of BBS. I'll show you the real one later on the post for Bisimoto exotic car meet :)

Sept 11. Events -24-2

Sept 11. Events -92-2

Also another car that was clean as hell. I really want to get a red car now. I think I can pull it off..

Sept 11. Events -25-2

Advan Advan~ (I think...) Ken Gushi is rocking the red ones for drifting..

Sept 11. Events -26-2

Sept 11. Events -27-2

Old school headlights...Flip~!

Sept 11. Events -28-2

Another old school item~ mesh SSR's.

Sept 11. Events -30-2

JDM license plate makes it look more JDM. Loving the overall look of this one..

Sept 11. Events -31-2

OK~~~ so this was my favorite Silvia. NO questions necessary. Clean, Quality...clean clean clean clean...

Sept 11. Events -32-2

Fully polished SSR Professors..I believe these are 3 pieces...
Some people say they look like Work Meisters..but~~~IMO, I think they are different. Work Meisters 3 pc ones have the spokes not all the way into the lip, while the SSR Professors go into it. Google it and you'll find the differences.
I don't think the owner drifts this machine.

Sept 11. Events -33-2

Work XD9's if I'm correct...This one was pretty darn sexy as well..

Sept 11. Events -34-2

I loveeeeeee white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sept 11. Events -35-2

Alex's S14! I met him during RPM and going to do a full feature on his ride. It's been awhile since I talked with him and time didn't work out for a photoshoot. But keep urselfs posted because this one will be a good feature to check out :) We'll get back to this ride later on..

Sept 11. Events -36-2

Sept 11. Events -37-2

Sept 11. Events -72-2

I think this one was the only one with this body kit.
IMO, think it looks pretty good. Different..unique..
Vertex body kit??

Sept 11. Events -41-2

Sept 11. Events -55-2

Red S. Wow. This one says "quality" all around. Volk ce28n's with recaro seats.

Sept 11. Events -43-2

Sept 11. Events -44-2

Nice~ Sticker bombed engine cover~ sorry about the hazziness.

Sept 11. Events -45-2

This one is a drifting machine~ Zip ties ftw!
Wink mirror? Anyways, full polished wheels all around. Look at the stance with those meaty tires. Daily driven? If it is, sexy!

Sept 11. Events -47-2

Here's a better look. Some crazy poking eh?

Sept 11. Events -48-2

Sept 11. Events -49-2

Color color~ Loving the color cominbation going on here. I was looking into these wheels when I got my car. Had a chance to get these for OEM tC rims. Pretty darn good deal. But~~ I was stupid enough to pass the deal..

Sept 11. Events -50-2

Are those 5 axis wheels??? Naw~ wait...are those? Can someone tell me plz?

Sept 11. Events -51-2

One of the displayed cars. Didn't look into this one that much..

Sept 11. Events -52-2

Here's another one. A lot of color going inside the engine bay..

Sept 11. Events -53-2

Silvia mophia..

Sept 11. Events -54-2

oooouuuuuuuu~ sexiness right here. Should I invest in these?
hmm....what do you think?

Sept 11. Events -56-2

Back to Alex's car..
If I remember correctly, this was the only one in this color.

Sept 11. Events -57-2

Some crazy stance going on...

Sept 11. Events -63-2

While walking around back and forth, I found this booth doing a small garage sale. Prices were pretty dope...got even better when I saw this...

Sept 11. Events -62-2

Awwwww...HELL NAW!!!!! Racing Harts for $50???????? For a pair????
Where's my money??? O yea~ I spent all of it for my wheels.. :(

Sept 11. Events -64-2

Back to the scene and saw couple of cars rolling in later on. Here's a classic one..

Sept 11. Events -65-2

I wanted that ARC Intake but decided not to...iunno why. Tein was having a garage sale last year and they had that for sale. I think it was around $370, which is a really good price when you consider the retail price being about $500. Probably next time...

Sept 11. Events -66-2


Sept 11. Events -68-2

Sept 11. Events -69-2

This one was pretty sexy. Pretty clean and managed well..

Sept 11. Events -70-2

An interior setup for a black Silvia. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not a fan of replicas. Not wheels but interior stuff. Those takatas were clearly reps. How do I know? Check out the diamond stitching and the cam lock. Watch out for reps guys!!!!! Do your research!

Sept 11. Events -71-2

Zip-ties FTW again~! I have some zip-ties on my car as well but not visible :)

Sept 11. Events -74-2

Whoa~ can you say classic? Dam..Should I head to JSSC or not...ARGH! Hate it when there are two shows going on in one day...:/

Sept 11. Events -75-2

Now this car was rolling out when I came in. Those are some sexy shiny WMB finished Work wheels on a Z.

Sept 11. Events -76-2

Skyline on BBS LM's...Drool.....................
This one blasted off with the sexy turbo sound whosh!~~
Everyone was like "DAYM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"

Sept 11. Events -78-2]

Couple of cars at the other side of the event. I think the judges were parked here.

Sept 11. Events -79-2

Nismo wheels? Anyways, good looking.

Sept 11. Events -80-2

Evo! If I had a choice between a Evo and a STI, I think I'll choose the Evo.

There was a K1 speed cart buliding right next to the show. I decided to go in and check it out.

Sept 11. Events -82-2

Sept 11. Events -84-2

Drift it!!!!!!! These guys were going fast!~

Sept 11. Events -86-2

MB Battles on an Evo. Doesn't match...

Sept 11. Events -87-2

??? JDMness?

Sept 11. Events -88-2

Sept 11. Events -89-2

This one got a lot of attention. Only Silvia with Volk Te37's for this event. People were talking, walking, looking...

Sept 11. Events -90-2

Gold 5zigens if i'm correct. The yellow and gold matched pretty darn well. Red lug nuts did the job.

Sept 11. Events -93-2

Wheels were SOLD!

Sept 11. Events -94-2

Roof rackness going on here.

Sept 11. Events -95-2

Last shot I took before I left the event. Sexy concave Te37's :D

That's about it guys. I headed straight to the Skunk2 Unmeet, which I'll post about it tonight after the Longo show. Longggggg day today so hope things go well. See ya guys later on!


mrchaztsai said... [Reply to comment]

friend actually linked the photo of my silver 370Z here to your blog. Thanks for the props!

btw those are actually custom dipped black chrome CE28s =)

Will said... [Reply to comment]

my bad! I always get confused when I don't check them out closely. Those rims = sexiness.

Elite AutoSports said... [Reply to comment]

Great Coverage.. Said everything i was thinking and better

APE! said... [Reply to comment]

my car is in the first pic! yay!
too bad my wheel gap is horendous! no! haha, its a work in progress, i even brought my own cardboard.
nice snaps.

Will said... [Reply to comment]

the first meaning the white with SSR's?

APE! said... [Reply to comment]

errr, i just looked back... its the 2nd pic... hahaha, i wish i had big name wheels, just me, my rotas & my wheel gap. had i known about the event earlier, i wouldve adjusted my coilovers -its still a work in progress as you can plainly see.

Will said... [Reply to comment]

looking forward to the progress :)

APE! said... [Reply to comment]

just seeing it there, is progress! last year, my car wasnt even running but i still attended and i won an intercooler. since im not boostin,GODSPEED let me swap it for the radiator which is installed now.

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