Spotlight: Sexiest G35

September 1, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

I first met Noel, the owner of today's G35, @ the 818 WFC meet.
When he rolled in with his ride, I was speechless.
One of the cleanest and stanced G35 I've seen here in SoCal.
After getting to know him a bit, found out he's a member of Low N Slow.

G35 SSR -118

Here's Noel's G35 with SSR MS1's.
You guys have probably seen these wheels, but not on a G35.
19" wheels around, they are sitting flush with the fenders.
Loving the overall stance.

G35 SSR -16

G35 SSR -23

What makes a stanced car even better? Being low!
Noel told me a "stanced out" story.
He parked in an inside parking structure of Americana, a huge outside mall located in Glendale, and when coming out, there was a huge bump in front of him and he was going downhill. He had to back out because obviously, he knew the car was too low to go over that bump. However, there was a car behind him so he had no choice but to go forward. Result? broken front lip :(

G35 SSR -44

G35 SSR -52

I was going to edit these pictures with some brightness, but the gloomy but sort of brightness look makes the car look sexier.

G35 SSR -56
19x10 et -10 235
19x11 et -1 255
Hankook Ventus V12 EVO
Muteki SR48 Neochrome Lugs
Stance GR+ True Coilovers
SPL Camber Arms
SPC Toe Bolt
Ichiba Front Camber Arms
NRG Strutbar

HKS Hi-Power Exhaust with Test Pipes
Injen CAI
3.5 FD swap

Nismo Front Bumper (replica)
Impul Side Skirts (replica)
SxExCx Polished Plenum
SxExCx Polished Throttle Body
SxExCx Custom Grounding Kit
RareJDM Polished Wire Harness
JDM RHD Battery Cover
Motordyne 5/16 Plenum Spacer
Kenwood DNX DVD Receiver with Navi
4080 Enclosure w/ JL Audio 10"W1v2
G35 SSR -59

G35 SSR -68

Taking a side shot pretty much shows how well the car is stanced. You could see the perfect stretch, poke, and fitment.

G35 SSR -77

G35 SSR -79


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