Si on CCW's

September 9, 2010


I've been wanting to feature a non-stanced car for awhile.
Although I'm into the stance scene, I love imports that are fixed up nicely.
Not too wild, but to the point when people look at a car and say "wow!"

But while browsing through honda-tech, I found this Si on CCW's and I couldn't take my eyes off the pictures for a long time.
One of the cleanest looking Si's that is stanced.


Owner of the car is Max Dueno.
He was struggling with the tire size for awhile, but seems like he got things done in the right way. Loving the drop all around.
This is a lesson that I need to learn because I choose the wrong tire size and ended up f'ing my fenders up :(

CCW Classics 17x9 +28
Falken 512 205/45 17
T1r b52 coilovers
Skunk2 v1 rear camber kit
Ingalls front camber kit
JHPUSA limited edition Beak's purple rear lower tie bar
Project Kics r26 lug nuts

OEM HFP front lip
OEM HFP rear lip
Windshield wiper delete
OEM mud guards
Red tail light tint
OEM hood bra

OEM FD2 shift knob
Custom 3 7/8 inch shifter extender
Red suede door panels
Custom camera mount
OEM FD2 hazard light button

OEM RRC intake manifold
AEM short ram intake
Skunk2 v1 megapower header
Greddy SE exhuast
Hondata FlashPro w/ Church's tune
Ingalls engine torque damper

Photo credits go to Max


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