Random Spotlight: Too Sexy Too Low

September 20, 2010


It's not a suprise anymore to see Subaru's being stanced,
but there are various steps car owners take and it results in either a sick or weak stance. This WRX Wagon owned by Jordan from Utah took the right step and I'm dam glad he did.
You guys be the judge.
My personal overall score? I'll just say it in one word. Sexy!


The stretch and poke are nearly perfect. That gap showing between the fenders and wheels are normal and actually, very well done. Because of the stretch, it's possible to go even more lower, but even if the coilovers are set to the stiffest, the car will bounce a bit and might damage the lips of the rims, so it is always good to leave some gap.

BC racing inverted coilovers with 10k/8k springs and front and rear camber plates
18x9.5 work emotion cr-kai's +38mm offset
215/35R18 federal ss-595's

Cobb intake
Perrin divorced wastegate downpipe
apexi catback
cobb radiator shroud
cobb accessport v.2, kartboy shifter bushing
audi style LED headlights (done by the owner)

ebay v-limited lip

Always sexy to see zipties going on :)


Emotion Cai's looking good with those blue Rays lug nuts.


Last pic is before he lowered his car more, but you guys can see how well the car is stanced.

Photo credits go to Jordan.


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