Event Coverage: Women For Perfection

September 27, 2010

WOP -35

Get ready to drool guys. If your girlfriend is next to you, tell her to go out for a sec because she's gonna get pissed at you for not getting the same attention :)
Being bored like crazy during this weekend, I attended one event out of the two that were happening yesterday. One was the Benz/Bimmer meet @ Irvine and the other one was Women For Perfection event @ Torrance. Not wanting to drive an hour and see half of stocked luxurious cars, I decided to go to Women For Perfection. Always a good thing to do something different than covering cars..right?
I was pretty darn happy walking out of this event, only paying 5 bucks and enjoying myself watching hot models dance and pose..Ok..I sound like a pervert, but seriously, you gotta admit that some models are hot and you stare at them for a long period of time.
It was my first time ever going to such an event, so I was walking back and forth taking pictures like crazy without knowing who was who. If you know the name of the models, leave a comment so we can all learn!
Anyways, let's start with the pics!

WOP -1

By the way, I didn't have an external flash like all the others who came to the event. I've never seen such nice cameras in one room. Most of the photographers had some crazy stuff on their camera and mine looked like crap. Once I get everything for my ride, I promise my photography skills will get better :)
Well as you can see, all the spectators were guys. A LOT of guys.

WOP -2

One of the models that I know for sure. Maureen Chen. Cute like always.

WOP -3

WOP -4

She was hoTTTTT. More pics of her later on with a bikini :)

WOP -10

I don't know about you guys, but this looks hot...

WOP -29

GoGo Dancing time!!! Dam..that girl in the middle..Nikita Esco.. is dam amazingly gorgeously spectacularily hot..cute.. almost everyone around me was saying the same thing over and over..

WOP -30

Not that much going on here. They knew I was taking a photo, but because my equipment sucks, no posing :)


The guy at the back enjoying..




Dammit..everytime when I was trying to take a pic, they turned around.. actually...doesn't really matter




Nikita Esco..She looks better in person..trust me..



Jenny Chu..she was pretty cute as well. If you think these girls are cute by looking at pictures, you have to go to these events and see them in person.



Forgot her name, but she was dancing hard the whole time. Props to all the models that danced throughout the event :)


Hello~! Kitty~


Oops~! My camera just moved automatically...


This dude looked REALLY happy...



Maureen Chen looking cute and sexy like always. She's on the cover of DSPORT so remember to check them out.

WOP -38

These guys were smiling and flashing the camera like crazy..so I was wondering .. "who's the model?"





Definitely a professional. By the end of this year, I'm going to know all these famous import models so please bare with me if I don't know their names :)


Reppin Thailand~


Yea....she didn't like me....

WOP -45

Bigdaddy Abe was there as well. I've seen him at almost every car event, but because he looked scary and I didn't want to act like I knew him, just took a pic of his back :) For those who don't know who Abe is..he always has a rim around his neck to promote the company.

WOP -46

Ok...now this guy....man..I'm cracking up already...well I first saw this guy on Stickyliljoe's blog coverage for RPM and it was well written with some humor..check it out 'The Chromicles: RPM Coverage'. I understand why Joe said this guy was creepy lol

WOP -48

Great job to the DJ for the music

WOP -49

Old guy enjoying the moment..


WOP -56


WOP -59


WOP -63

Met Alvin at the event. This guy is smooth in talking with the models. PRO!
Awesome photographer and a friend.

WOP -67

Right when I entered the doors, I asked her if I can borrow her sharpie lol. sorry for being rude..


One of the girl staffs. She was really busy walking back and forth.

Time for the BIKINI CONTEST!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

WOP -70

WOP -73

I seemed like the youngest photographer...look at the guys

WOP -76

WO HO!!!!!

WOP -79

WOP -84

WOP -93

This girl was shaking her booty for a longgggggggggg time

WOP -95

Right in front of my face....the old guy sitting at the back is about to have a heart attack..

WOP -99

WOP -100

'Women For Perfection'....

WOP -116

"I don't hear anything~~"

WOP -118

She went to the Top 5

WOP -122


WOP -123

Told ya the model at the left was a pro. She was busy posing the whole time.

WOP -128

Maureen posing.

WOP -145

Top 5 Finalist..... :)

WOP -148

WOP -150


WOP -151

WOP -152


WOP -154

Hoping to see her again at CAME if I can make it

Well I just uploaded half of the photos I had. A lot of them came out really bad or sucky. Make sure to check out these events because it doesn't happen that often. Next one will be this coming up Sunday at the same location. It's called CAME, so check it out!

Rest of the photos can be found at my Flickr


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