Event Coverage: Babe Expo

October 27, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Babe -29

Babe Expo launched this year for models, starting from amateurs to professionals, to get together and create a show for many photographers/videographers around CA. I was expecting it to be an actual 'expo', which I thought it was going to be huge, but the location was pretty small and I had to be in the crowd of 50~60 photographers trying to take close up photos.
There's nothing much to say about this event because obviously, all of the girls are models and come to the expo to promote their company or their work. Very popular models, such as Misa Campo and Corissa Fur, attended the event, but not even half of the models listed on BabeExpo.com didn't show up, but some other very known models didn't show up, which was a small disappointment.

Anyways, I know that some of you guys enjoyed Woman of Perfection and CAME, so I had to attend this event for you model fans out there.

Babe -2

Don't really know who the model is, but she caught a lot of attention...

Babe -23

Told ya. There's Clinton Lum at the right, an awesome photographer.

Babe -5

Front and back.

Babe -8

Babe -9

Corissa Fur doing a 'shy' pose.

Babe -10

Babe -12

Gina Darling? I think it's her.

Babe -13

Look! Snow White!

Babe -14

Babe -17

Hot like always! Alicia Whitten.

Babe -20

It was a suprise to see Tony from It's JDM yO!. Seems like he's recovering from the back injury so that's good.
It's JDM yO! crew was rolling big at this event. I think there were more than four guys wearing the shirt and reppin.

Babe -21

Sooo many photographers...

Babe -24

Babe -55

Babe -56

First time ever seeing Ashley Malia.

Babe -49

There was a costume contest, but I was inside a massive crowd of tall and short photographers and eventually got pushed back. Wish I could've taken more photos but this is about it.

Babe -60

Sahar Khadjenoury.

Babe -63

Rawr! Raichelle Viado was enjoying the attention :)

Babe -67

Look who came? Misa Campo. I think she just came to chill with her friends.
It really didn't matter if she stood up or sat down because photographers didn't care at all.

Babe -70

Ruth Izabella smiling.

Babe -74

Most glamorous body out of all, Maya Rew.

Babe -80


Babe -85


Babe -86

I think Tracy Nova was having fun.

Babe -88

Misa Campo doing autographs.

Babe -97

Babe -107

MC of the day.

Now it's time for the Bikini contest. If you were drooling taking a look at the photos above, I don't know what's going to happen next.

Babe -109

Babe -110

Not the 'model' walk but 'miss universal' walk.

Babe -114

Looking innocent...right?

Babe -115

I don't think so~~~~~~~~

Babe -116

First time ever seeing so many flashes going off..

Babe -118

Babe -120

Babe -119


Babe -122

Raichelle getting ready...and then..

Babe -124


Babe -129

"Yea...I know I'm hot.." :)

Babe -126

Sexy walk..

Babe -130

That's about it! I don't like keeping Model coverages formal, so hope some of you guys laughed and enjoyed it.


Vadim said... [Reply to comment]

and now for the most important question. did you catch any nipple slips? :D

Andy said... [Reply to comment]

Nice shots Will

KNOLAS said... [Reply to comment]

Any idea on why safari on iPad/iPhone only loads a few of the pics? The rest are blue question mark boxes...

Will said... [Reply to comment]

that is really awkward. I'll try to fix that problem asap :)

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