Event Coverage: CAME (Celebrity And Model Expo) Part I

October 4, 2010


I remember promising a 'model coverage' once a week. Last week, I wrote about Women Of Perfection.
This week, a similar event took place at the same location, called CAME (Celebrity And Model Expo).
If you've never heard of this event, it's basically...a model expo!
I didn't see any 'celebrities' and I don't know how they classify their models as celebrities, but known models in the U.S. showed up, like Nikita Esco and Jenny Chu.

Overall experience of this event? It wasn't as great as I thought.
Entrance fee was a total joke, the stage setup was wayy different, and the attendance of models and their hotness was MUCH better last week.
This event happens once a year and I was expecting a lot.
It felt as if I went to a porn expo. Serious....no joke..
all these old grandpas...and even a whole family came...WTF???

Well I'll shut my mouth and share some photos by our new/part-time photographer Jay who works for Wired on Honda and for a magazine. I first saw Jay at Bisimoto Exotic Car meet and we talked since then. We took some pictures @ The Pursuit and went to all three events. Jay's an awesome guy to work with and make sure to check out his work (Flickr). He shoots for all kinds of events, so if you're interested, just e-mail me or PM him through Flickr.

OK! Ready????? Like last week, if your girlfriend is next to you, tell her to go out because I guarantee she will slap your face or smack it with something after seeing you drool all over these awesome pictures... and of course, if you're not 18+, don't even think about scrolling down or clicking "Read more>>" :D


Known models, Jenny Chu and Nikita Esco. To be honest, they look better in person.


Charmaine Glock with all those sexy "i'm a gangster" tattoos. She was doing all these sexy poses and got a lot of attention.




Right next to Charmaine was Layla Lu. She was also going all crazy when the cameras were flashing. I took pictures as well so you'll see more for Part II of this event coverage.


No idea who she is. I was trying to search on CAME's website and they had all the list of girls who came to the event but I couldn't find the picture that looked like her. :D Sorry but I'm just being honest.


I think Thyan Pham.


Kaylee. Some of the models look better in picture and some don't.


18+ guys...I warned you...My lens suck right now so I can't get a detailed shot like this one taken by Jay.


Alexia Lei. She was busy dancing the whole time. Great dancer.


Starting from the left, Monique Ray, Jenny Chu, and Alicia Whitten. Alicia....dam...she's hot....


Monique has a great smile. Jenny Chu dressed up as a 'I'm Smart and Sexy' student.



Ey! Stop drooling! Your keyboard is getting messed up. :D


Annie Violet and I don't know. They had some 18+..or should i say 21+ pics on display :)


Siray Kong. Also a great dancer. You guys have to check out Part II later on because it's going to be fun to read!



Jackylyn Wallace. She was pretty quiet throughout the event.


Tracy Linh. She looked korean, but I was wrong.


Hmm...forgot.. :/


A quick special..



uh huh~ uh huH~


'I'm from Hawaii~ How about you?'


I don't know if they were actual models or want-to-be models..


Raichelle Viado. Also a great dancer. She was really nice as well.


Ok...now...i know what you guys are thinking. Too much 'I want to be Angelina Jolie' going on around the lip area. I was scared...but if she thinks it looks sexy, then...yea....


Girls saying "see you guys in Part II!!"

Part II will be up soon :D


Eddie said... [Reply to comment]

Holly $#!t!!! It was all good until the lips came in

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

majority of these girls are beat as hell...

JoeBloggs said... [Reply to comment]

I agree 98% of these chicks are busted, and the one with the lips DAAAAAYM! WTF?

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