Random Spotlight: Daily, Drift, & Track

October 1, 2010


Do you DD your car?
Well I do and it is pretty darn low and difficult to drive in streets like Los Angeles.
I can't complain though because some drifters drive their car daily.
Zip-ties holding the bumper...slammed to the ground...
It's not a pleasant look to people who you see on freeways driving stock cars, but to people like us, it's dam sexy.

S14's are mostly owned by people who drift or track. Kyle, owner of the car, bought this s14 3 years ago to do the same, but also to drive it as a daily.


Kyle has a lot of plans for his ride. Like almost every drifter, he first focused on the suspension and stance and will slowly do some extra engine mods to boost up the HP to 350.

Modification Quote
Zenki s14 with stock s13 blacktop sr20det with all greddy bolt ons(intercooler, bov, oil catch can)

Daily on 7lbs and up to 14lbs when i need it via greddy electronic boost controller

It has the 5 lug conversion with xxr 006's 18x9.5 all around(3.5inch lips) F/+7 R/-1 spray painted gloss white with 225/40s

stance gr+ coilovers and spc camber adjustment

OEM/JDM s14 Silvia side skirts and rear valances with a v-tund front lip(my 3rd one)

If you read my features/coverage's, you know I'm not a huge fan of XXR's, but this one caught my attention because of the polished lips. Kyle added some extra features on the wheels, which make them unique from all the others out there in the XXR market.


Photo credits go to Kyle's friend.


shane miller (photographer) said... [Reply to comment]

this feature came out nice, thanks for using my photos

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cool burnout

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