Spotlight: Platinum G

October 22, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

VIP -73

On-site coverage's is what I'm attempting to do these days. You don't want to miss the opportunity of taking photos of a car that you won't probably see again. It's fresh, new, and something different for many import fans and I'm glad I did a quick photoshoot with this G35 coupe owned by PJ from VIP Modular Wheels and Platinum VIP.

VIP -69

After taking a quick look at PJ's G, I realized I did take a photo of his ride at Formula D in Irwindale, but misidentified his wheels of being CCW's instead of hybrid HRE's.
These HRE's have customized lips made by VIP Modular Wheels.

VIP -90

The lips are obviously larger than original HRE's and one unique feature about the wheel setup are the valves. Instead of regular valves that stick out, PJ used motorcycle valves for a flush and cleaner look.

VIP -76
HKS complete coilovers
Stillen sway bars and straut bars

Motordyne spacer for the intake manifold
Injen cold air intake
HKS ti full exhaust
ARC front mount oilcooler

Kuruma Z front bumper
Ing+1 side skirt
Nismo rear
Carbon Fiber Diffuser
Stillen roof wing
Pioneer z2 double din navi and oem stock navi with bose
Gialla Front Grill

HRE hybrid mod with VIP Modular lips
Fronts: 10.5
Rears: 11.5
Nitto Neo Gen Tires
VIP -89

The tire stretch on wheels and overall drop are on point.

VIP -129

It was amazing to hear these Nitto Neo Gens lasted more than a year.
PJ always kept his alignment straight with natural camber all around.

VIP -127

Not an intercooler but an ARC oilcooler for a 350Z, customized to fit the G and to make it sit lower with brackets. PJ is planning on a supercharger so the placement of the cooler will change.

VIP -101

Definitely one of the sickest G's in CA.


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