Event Coverage: The Pursuit 2

October 4, 2010

10.3.10 -88

October seems like the month when all the events are forced to happen.
The month just started and already, there were three events on Sunday.
For those who check the sites status on Facebook, you guys knew I was planning to go to 3 events, and yes, I did.
If you guys want it, I get it!

Out of the year, 'The Pursuit' is the largest Lexus show that happens in SoCal. I don't know where it took place last year, but this year, it was at Irwindale Speedway, the same place where the Scion show occured.
The turnout was amazing and I'm speculating more than 300+ cars showed up.
Never seen so many VIP's in one show and I'm pretty sure the AutoFashion event will have more, but for a Lexus show, seems like 20~30% were VIP cars, which is the reason why I enjoyed walking around taking pictures.
It's not an everyday opportunity to see all types/models of Lexus's coming from different states to show their car and drag race. As much as I enjoyed the show, the amount of spectators present was great and they enjoyed it as well.

10.3.10 -1

Most of the major car events in SoCal that is company specific give an opportunity for car owners to drag race & drift. As expected, Lexus opened up the drag strip and also, heard there was a drifting event around 1:00pm.
Here are the cars getting ready for the drag race.
Heard a SC turned 180 and hit the wall, but the driver was safe.

Time for some pictures of cars. Our new photographer, Jay, took some pics as well, but he'll be responsible for the CAME event.

10.3.10 -2

Bags Bags Bags. Love it!

10.3.10 -3

Kept clean and nicely done. Glad the weather was good.

10.3.10 -4

New model SC430. Not sure if this was the 2011 model, but still sexy. Convertibles are great during summer.

10.3.10 -5

Tinted taillight family.

10.3.10 -6

Nice fitment but not a fan of the fender design and weiner emblem on the front grill.

10.3.10 -8

No idea how the air kit works, but I think he forgot to press the "lower the car" button on his air kit.

10.3.10 -9

Check out the rear. That is some mad camber.

10.3.10 -10

I remember seeing this Lexus IS at Hellaflush 5. I was drooling all over it.

10.3.10 -11

Rolling in...

10.3.10 -12

WORK wheel booth displaying..well..WORK wheels, and here's something exclusive...

10.3.10 -13

10.3.10 -14

New model Work Mesiter's (2pc). Not even a single pic of these baller rims on the Japan site. Whoever came to the event were the first ones to see the new released series of Work Mesiter's. You guys have now witnessed the sexiness so save your money and rock em!

10.3.10 -15

10.3.10 -16

10.3.10 -17

Seen them at FYC cruise/bbq meet. By the way, the owner of the white hatchback is selling his wheels. I think ewings?

The Platinum VIP guys were parked at the wayyyy end. Too special :D

10.3.10 -63

Exaclty...special. They even have their own RV. Now that's sexy.

10.3.10 -64

mm mm m!

10.3.10 -18

SC on BBS LM's.

10.3.10 -19

10.3.10 -20

I'm always impressed seeing the crews ride.

10.3.10 -21

IS F sereis on...IForge? Don't recall but looking good! Loving blue colored cars these days..

10.3.10 -22

Not your everyday green Lexus.

10.3.10 -23

Cars are slowly rolling in around 10am

10.3.10 -24

Time to get out of the car and clean it!

10.3.10 -25

10.3.10 -26

At the way back where the AF booth was located, the line of cars were straight up VIP like this one. -0-
Junction Produce FTW!

10.3.10 -27

Amazing amazing...

10.3.10 -28

Look familiar? Dara's GS. Reppin LowBallers.

10.3.10 -29

Some crazy poke in the rear.

10.3.10 -30

10.3.10 -31

Any comments? ^-^

10.3.10 -32

You don't see a lot of Lexus's in this color.

10.3.10 -33

I have no idea what the guy at the right is doing. Don't ask.

10.3.10 -34

Falken sponsored. Love it!!

10.3.10 -35

Oops. Sorry for the editing mistake.

10.3.10 -36

Another fitted SC.

10.3.10 -37

Air Runner booth. Don't get me wrong, they are one of the best air kits in the market, but I think it's way over-priced, especially for the Scion tC. $4k??? Come on!!

10.3.10 -38

10.3.10 -39

Displayed cars for their booth.

10.3.10 -40

10.3.10 -41

The wheels are BALLER!

10.3.10 -42

10.3.10 -43

LS400. Never seen one like it. One of my favorite cars at the event.

10.3.10 -44

10.3.10 -45


10.3.10 -48

10.3.10 -49

Always a fan of Enkei's. NTO3+m. Great wheels for racing/drifting because of its weight.

10.3.10 -50

Besalgio or whatever u call it. I really love these wheels in chrome finish.

10.3.10 -51

10.3.10 -79

Brembos! You'll be seeing these on my car....like...20 years later :)

10.3.10 -52

Forgot the model, but has a HUGEEEEE rear and it really doesn't flow well with all the quality parts.

10.3.10 -53

10.3.10 -54

Seen these rides at FYC meet as well.

10.3.10 -55

10.3.10 -56

Who wouldn't trade their car for this?

10.3.10 -57

One of the VIP product lines, Garson.

10.3.10 -58

All these high end companies...totally different from the Scion event.

10.3.10 -59

BBS model I was looking in to.

10.3.10 -65

Hybrid on Volk ce28n....nawwwww....

10.3.10 -66

Reallyyyyyyy sexy

10.3.10 -67


10.3.10 -69

On Varrstoen's..

10.3.10 -70

s2k at a Lexus meet??

10.3.10 -71

Minh's IS on purple Enkei RPF1's.

10.3.10 -72

It's been awhile since I seen this car. Loved it back then and still do.

10.3.10 -73

Black Chrome finished Work VS-XX's. Really expensive to get and I think they don't offer the finish anymore.

10.3.10 -75

Rep it!

10.3.10 -76

10.3.10 -77

VS-XX family. Yea..it's true and I gotta agree, VS-XX is a bit played out, but it's still one of the sexiest wheels in the market today.

10.3.10 -78

Red on gold. Looking great!

10.3.10 -80

Haven't seen a lot of silver on black.

10.3.10 -81

VIP convertible.

10.3.10 -83

Hybrid on a lip/body kit I've never heard of. The wheels were by the same company as well.

10.3.10 -84

If I had to choose one design I dislike the most about the IS F, it has to be the exhaust shape.

10.3.10 -86


10.3.10 -87

Not Vinyl but painted!

That's about it guys. I stayed for about 2 hours and left to the Stance:Nation meet, which was not as good as I thought. I'll be putting up the coverage today or tomorrow.
I regret not staying longer because I heard other small events, such as the drag and drifting, was fun to watch.
Make sure to come back and check out other coverages and spread the word about Night-Import!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

the white car you called a cressida is a clublexus/vsc member's LS400....lol

EMU said... [Reply to comment]

missed seeing u at the Pursuit! thanks for the pic of my back window Will!

Will said... [Reply to comment]

thank u thank u! Fixed!! :D

Will said... [Reply to comment]

I had a feeling u were there! Ah! it was ur car!!!! hahahaha shiet~ i think it was right before I was in a hurry to leave.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

yeah nice pic!! u forgot to take a picture of my WHT. LS460 JobDesign PlatinumVIP John Nguyen. I didnt know u where coming to Irwindale Speedway though u were going to StanceNation Event sameday.

Will said... [Reply to comment]


I definitely needed to stay longer :( Sorry yo!

Ben Saravia said... [Reply to comment]

gr8 coverage as always!
I heard one of the cars lost traction while racing and crashed...hope hes okay..

btw Dippedparts.com offers black chrome finishes

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