Random Spotlight: Roti Audi

October 6, 2010

C 21

The current year is being overcrowded with new wheel companies and competition is reaching to its peak. Looking through each companies website and comparing the designs of wheels, I would say at least 60~70% are similar or somewhat exactly the same. Now for all of those who think all wheels are made with the same material, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you're wrong. The reason why certain companies are known for their wheels is not only because of its design but the quality materials that are used to develop the wheel.
Here's an Audi S4 on wheels that are known for its quality and design, Rotiform BLQ's. I remember being at Fontana, CA for the Shakotan event and Rotiform was present as a vendor. These wheels were on display and I was urging to see them on a car, which is why this Audi caught my attention instantly.

C 18

The Audi itself is clean and simple, which is another reason why I chose this car for a feature on Night-Import. Add the overall stance to the cleanliness and you get yourself a fine sexy car.

C 20

RS4 Grille
Custom made RS4 Fog grills
JHM weighted shift knob
JHM short throw sifter

JHM Fast Intentions Downpipes
JHM Fast Intentions Exhaust w/ JH Motorsports tune

Koni track sport coilovers
Custom pulled rear fenders from D&C autobody in Mineola, NY

19" Rotiform BLQ's
20mm H&R spacer (R) & 8mm H&R spacer (F)

C 1

C 4

Audi's are known as a quality car. Brooklyn, owner of this Audi S4, just raised its class of sexiness by putting on Rotiforms.

Photo credits go to Adrian Zielinski.


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wOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW freaking sexyyyyyy!!!!! I'm not an audi fan but this is sex!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

i thinks its ugly and way too low

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