Random Spotlight: SC Appreciation Day

October 14, 2010

Taki's Lexus SC300

I don't remember how it started when my love for SC's became crazy.
First of all, the overall exterior look of the car, even purely stock, just looks amazing. Now imagine a stanced, hellaflush black SC with white rims rolling through your neighborhood.
Imaginations can come true.

Here's a twin-turboed SC300 owned by T.K. Kapous from St.Pete Florida.
Yes, you read it right. This beauty went through a critical surgery, an engine swap to a 1jzgte twin-turbo motor. Result? A success!
It even got better when I heard the ride was daily driven.

taki side-wall

It's more than amazing when you see a stanced and slammed car being driven every single day. Your eyes become a detector for road bumps and pot holes, which is a PITA because you need to drive with caution.
Well if your complaining with your slammed ride with no specific engine mods and having to drive slow, try saying that to T.K. who owns a ridiculously fast SC. Enjoying the ride with speed and look...priceless.

taki front.

1jzgte Twin-Turbo motor
W58 5peed tranny (original 5speed no conversion)
3" down pipe to 3" Single Exhaust
3" intercooler
ACT 6 puck sprung clutch
K&N intake
HKS SSQV BOV black edition
Greddy Profec B spec 2 electronic boost controller

K sport coilovers

Black suede Sparco sprint race seats
Momo black suede steering wheel
7" in dash flip screen
Aftermarket rear lip

18" Rota dpt wheels 9 and 10s (Volk ce28n reps)
Oem front lip
Oem side skirts

taki momo

taki 1jz

Haters or lovers/supporters, I'm not a fan of replica wheels, but what caught my attention was obviously the engine swap. You need time and dedication and I'm always amazed to see such work happening.

taki sparcos

Customized Sparco Sprint seats to suede.

taki trial1_

Photo credit goes to David Devin D Photography.


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