Random Spotlight: Sexy14

October 1, 2010


I never get tired of slammed S14's.
Wait.. let me add more to it. Slammed & Stanced!

This beauty was found through the Zilvia forums and I contacted the owner right away.
I've noticed a lot of stanced car owners dwell in NorCal. No wonder why they roll big and have stance events frequently. If you guys check the events section on forums, the recent Fatlace Klas:sik show was held @ fontana and the upcoming Stance of the Union will be @ Sacramento.
Owner of this S14 also lives in NorCal and he's reppin the scene with some sexy SSR's on Buddy Club coilovers.


Properly stanced cars get attention. People turn their heads automatically like you see at all those events you go to. If I was walking past by this Liquor store, I'll probably stop for a sec and check out the car.


Another stanced one behind the s14. Gotta make another stop to check that one out as well :)

Engine & Tranny
Exedy Stage 1 clutch
Fidanza Lightweight flywheel
AEM intake
Z32 TT Fuel filter

Suspension ,Brakes, Wheels
Volk TE37 18x9.5 +9 all around (midori spec)
SSR Proffessors 18x8.5-9.5 (previous)
Project Nissan SS front brake lines
R33 Front Calipers will include Endless pads
Nismo Power Brace
T3 sub frame collars
Tein tie rods
Battle version tension rods
Buddy Club Spec coilovers
50mm Spacers all around

NRG Removable hub
Nardi Steering Wheel
GREDDY Shift knob

Exterior and Lighting
OE JDM Kouki bumper
OE JDM Silvia Rear Bumper
OE JDM Kouki wing
Orgin clear signal markers
HID & LED Lights

Now what you guys have seen so far was his s14 on wheels before he got his new set of Volk TE37's.
This is how it looks right now and I'll update this post once I get more pictures.



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