Spotlight: So Precise So Unique

October 23, 2010

Night-Importt:Photography by William Lee

Rumion -40

Most of the cars that come from Japan to the U.S. are slightly modified, or maybe more than we think to meet the USDM standards.
Right hand driven becomes left hand, smog tests are required, and much more, which is why you pop up your hood to find out more than 10% of the parts on the car are made in the U.S. (There are exceptions.)

Some imports look much better when it was originally made, straight out from its original manufacturer, and from the list of imports, Japan-made cars are probably on the top list.

Scion xB's became a sudden interest to many import enthusiasts when it was first released in the U.S.. The 1st Gen, known as bB in Japan, did not have any critical changes, except the obvious left to right hand drive, and etc.
However, for the 2nd Gen xB's, there were changes to its exterior. It's called Rumion in Japan and has its own body kit with different exterior parts. Christopher Wu, owner of this xB, managed to order the full Rumion body kit from Japan with the help of his father. He focused on every single aspect of the original 2nd Gen xB and I got to say he did a darn good job.

Rumion -11

It's not common to see a lot of people being dedicated to modding a car, especially when some parts are only offered from its own manufactured country.
But I found out Chris's dad is an automotive enthusiast and was involved with various companies with aftermarket parts. He even had his own line called FAB (Fabulous), which is not offered anymore.

Rumion -15

You could notice the difference in the emblem and the style of the front bumper. Rumion is a Toyota Corolla in Japan.

Rumion -16

Rumion -18

These wheels are very rare and hard to find. It's made by Rays and in the line of Arthur Exchange.

Rumion -14

Rumion -38

The body kit from the TRD line.

Rumion -5

Rumion Front
Rumion Hood
Rumion Fenders
Rumion Front bumper (grill and all that were separate)
Rumion TRD Sportivo front lip
Chrome door handles
Chrome side mirrors
Rumion Rear Bumper
Chrome Garnish
Modellista Chrome U-Bar
Modellista Side skirts and rear lip
Emblems (Corolla front, Toyota rear badge, Corolla sticker, Rumion, X, Aerotourer)
Scion rear wing

Tanabe Medalion TouringTanabe DF210
Arthur Exchange 18x9 +43 offset (custom paint to match car)
Nexen N5000 235/40/R18 (since its a daily driver, and i commute long distances)
Cusco Strut Bar

Rumion illuminated step
Custom b-pillar lights
Rumion rear pillar sub/mid speakers
Rumion trunk mat
Eclipse AVN5500
Bellezza Curtains for the front windows
sanded down area around shift box painted black
custom wood trim vinyl

Rumion -19

Rumion -23

Rumion -21

I’m still amazed to see such small modifications being nearly identical to the original Rumion; side mirrors, Rumion visors, and illuminated Rumion door sill.

Rumion -24

Rumion -20

Chris is planning on the VIP theme. It will soon be on air suspension and more interior VIP products will be added.

Rumion -31

Details you guys should check out. As mentioned before, every single part was considered.

Rumion -35

Probably the only xB converted to a Rumion in CA.  Gaurantee it will get more attention once the plans are accomplished.


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