Random Spotlight: Stance it, Race it

October 5, 2010


"Eat, Sleep, Race"
I came across this 94 325i (E36) through Zvilia and became speechless.
Clean cars are always a favorite, but sometimes, a beat up one could look great as well.
How about half and half?


Drifters will always have a problem with their front or rear bumper.
In this case, zip-ties is your best friend.
This sexy BMW went through a lot of hits but it gives and shows a mark of a drifter.


Rear is clean and simple. Seems like the top of the rear window is sticker bombed, which is something you don't come across that often. Dam, then this car has all the 3 elements of a sexy car; Unique, Messed up, but Clean.

Body and Exterior
Euro Tail Lights
M5 Trunk Lip
Black Grilles and black Facia
M3 Front Bumper (Destroyed on multiple occasions and ziptied all over)
Rolled/Pulled and (raped) fenders.
AC Schnitzer Roof Spoiler (Sticker Bombed)

Engine and Performace
Stock M3 Muffler with a Track-pipe
Supersprint Headers
Welded Differential
Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
AC, ABS and Clutch Fan Delete

DDM Tuning Sport Coilovers
600lb springs Front and Back
E46 Control Arms

AC Schnitzer Type I (3101)
17x8.5 ET13 (Front) and 17.8.5 ET+2 (Rear w/ 15mm spacer)
Wrapped in Nitto Neo Gen 205/40/17

Gutted except fro the Dashboard and Door Panels.
ZHP Shift Knob
Bride Low Max Seats
Crow 5 Point harness
Spearco harness Bar

Coming Soon: (during the winter)
Turbo Build (running 15psi with a goal of close to 400RWHP)
New Springs (R)900lb (F)800lb
Larger Sway Bars and X-brace to remove some of the body roll.
Cage if funds allow.
and a few smaller things like new bumpers and AC Schnitzer side-skirts

Just amazing. Static and daily driven with crazy lowness.
Talk about the stretch and poke. Inspirational.


Can't forget about racing seats.


This shot shows the characteristics of this BMW. Zip-tied front bumper, overall stance...you guys be the judge.


Kept simple. Mad props to the owner.


Photo credits go to Mirko Ivancic.


hamburg said... [Reply to comment]

hey, just letting you know, most "drivers" don't like being called "racers" as we don't race, we drive. a race is to see who is fastest...this looks like a drift car....where he is a driver. please, get someone to proof read this stuff, as your lack of info, and use of words, make me feel like i'm reading an 8th graders report on this bmw...

please...read other websites, yours is lacking entertainment...great photo's....horrible words. please, read matt powers and speed hunters ride...that was a perfect write up, with perfect photo's.

It would draw more people to your website.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

The owner/driver of this car SUCKS at driving. His "drift" accidents occurred when he attempted to drift, understeered, and plowed into a tire wall. The other accident happened when he ran over a bag of trash doing a mountain run and plowed into a barrier. Fake parts everywhere, the cheapest shit he could find for his car, this thing is a turd. Only thing cool about it is the stance, and it's only decent at best.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

To anonymous:

Sound like you have nothing better to do than to hate on someones accomplishments over the internet. Congratulations, you are a tool!

Will said... [Reply to comment]

Very good feedback Hamburg. I check speedhunters, motormavens, etc. pretty often to learn. The site is pretty new and I'm still in the process of learning. I always try my best to write up a coverage and will be working on it. Thanks!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Cool feature, but make sure you change it to knock-off Brides, not just Brides.

Will said... [Reply to comment]

information was directly given by the owner of the car :)

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