Event Coverage: Stance:Nation Meet & Greet

October 5, 2010


I think this was the first Stance:Nation's meet and greet.
The meet happened at three locations; Placentia and San Jose (both in CA), and Chicago.
First of all, I was a bit disappointed at couple of things...
Location was horrible because the parking spaces were spread out all over the place, no taco truck, and the turn-out was not as big as I expected.
However, there were some great cars that showed up and I had some time to meet new guys and friends.

I hope the next meet has a better turnout and a bit more organized..

Going to a lot of events in SoCal, especially the ones that are stance related, I see the same cars over and over, but never get tired of it.
You'll be seeing some familiar ones as well :)

10.3.10 -89

10.3.10 -150

I'm not a fan of reps and dislike it more when people try to make it seem like it's real when it's not. O well...

10.3.10 -90

Bryan's Bimmer. I've featured his ride before and if you guys remember how it looked like before, there's been a few changes. The front zebra designed lip, painted wheel centers, and etc. He's planning to get a new set of rims so I'm looking forward to another shoot.

10.3.10 -91

Haven't seen this one before. On massively concaved XXR's.

10.3.10 -92

These cars have so much potential. O~ look who's at the right?

10.3.10 -93

Phil's sexy s2000. His ride was a huge hit on our site and JustStance.com.
There's Jon helping Phil take off the blue painting tape~

10.3.10 -94

JMC crew~!

10.3.10 -95

Kev's Miata. I call it the Froggie.

10.3.10 -97

Jon's car got messed up when he was driving back to Vegas after the photoshoot we had at Irvine. He hit a Coyote, which basically messed up his front bumper and headlight. Everything got fixed...but...daym! Happend a couple of miles before he hit Vegas. :/

10.3.10 -98

I've seen this s2k on ARK designed wheels last time, but this setup looks much better.

10.3.10 -99

10.3.10 -100

10.3.10 -102

Some cars from the SHYNE crew.

10.3.10 -103

10.3.10 -104

This BMW 7 series.....wow....all I got to say is 'quality.'
Custom powder coated centered DPE's and other small/big things going on which I can't identify.

10.3.10 -106

Jose's Audi. If you're going to SEMA, check out his ride.

10.3.10 -107

10.3.10 -108

All these cars were painted by AAautoworks. Sorry Justin for not having time to do a photoshoot.

10.3.10 -109

Exotic colors..

10.3.10 -110

Nicely modded STI.

10.3.10 -111

10.3.10 -112

Love it! I see a lot of work done in this s2k.

10.3.10 -113

First time seeing this RX8.

10.3.10 -114

Fully polished Varrstoen's. Seen this ride @ FYC cruise/bbq meet.

10.3.10 -115

10.3.10 -116

Free to take??

10.3.10 -117

Why not at the The Pursuit? Actually, some Lexus's came over.

10.3.10 -118

10.3.10 -119

10.3.10 -122

Edgar's purple G. I love this car. Seriously, it's dam awesome. Planning to do a photoshoot with this guy, so i'll keep the fan page updated.

10.3.10 -121

Another car I'll be shooting as well :)

10.3.10 -124

10.3.10 -125

One of the sickest rides at the event :) YEAP! It's on bags.

10.3.10 -126

I think his wheels are for sale. I've seen this ride before I went to any hellaflush events and I still remember myself being amazed and telling my friend about this ride.

10.3.10 -127

The Euro line starts from this car.

10.3.10 -129

Super BBS RS's? If i'm correct, those are dam expensive and sexy.

10.3.10 -130

Simply Clean!

10.3.10 -133

White cars are the best.

10.3.10 -134

Sitting Pretty.

10.3.10 -135


10.3.10 -136

10.3.10 -137

Just bought? Great choice of wheels.

10.3.10 -138


10.3.10 -140

Keith's hellaflush Accord. Gotta love the stance.

10.3.10 -141

SICK! It's not static. Haven't seen this ride at any events.

10.3.10 -142

10.3.10 -143

It's been awhile since I've seen these WORK wheels.

10.3.10 -144

Mix and watch.

10.3.10 -145

FYC ftw!

10.3.10 -147

Lotus on DPE's or HRE's.

10.3.10 -148

Can't go wrong with BBS LM's.

10.3.10 -151

Marc came down as well. He's a famous DJ in CA so hit up the clubs!

10.3.10 -152

Thought those were Advan wheels, but I was wrong. No idea what they are...

10.3.10 -153

Some of the guys chillin..
I was dam happy the neighborhood had some fast food places...

10.3.10 -154

Pefectly stanced Accord.

10.3.10 -156

Eat, Sleep, Drift!

10.3.10 -157


10.3.10 -158

Those are some concaved rims...

10.3.10 -161

Nice lips....

10.3.10 -162

Good stretch and poke..

10.3.10 -163

10.3.10 -164

Platinum VIP guys chilling and relaxing~

10.3.10 -165

I'm falling in love with classic cars..




Customized concaved DPE's.


DPE van..say what???


Now that's sexy...


OG style.


So these guys are looking at something...


and it was this Silvia that caught everyones attention. It was coming out from a lot and slightly scraped the ground but the front bumper came off. All these shoutings going on..like "OOOOOO!!!"

Stayed here for about 2-3 hours and left to the CAME show. CAME Coverage Part II will be up soon, so come back again! :D


Jock Me Crew said... [Reply to comment]

I didn't even know you took that picture, while I was de-taping. Lol, props to the dope coverage tho!

- Kevin

Bryan said... [Reply to comment]

Ha nice pics will! The integra and e30 are both friends of mine from anaheim :D

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