Random Spotlight: Time Attack Audi A4

October 12, 2010


It's amazing how cars can be modified to surpass its own limit.
This Audi A4 2.0T Quattro is one of those cars that was modified to meet the standards of a tracking car.

Chirstian Miller, accomplished many of his plans with the A4, which became a multi-purpose race car. Christian is the driver, but the car is owned and built by 034Motorsport. Speeding through the race tracks like lightning and making sharp turns wasn't enough for this beast. The next project was to change the specifications of the car to make it rip through the Redline Time Attack road course.


Many modifications need to be done in order to get a decent time completing the Time Attack course and one of them is reducing the overall weight of the car. The previous R32 head/24v block motor was swapped to a lighter 4 cylinder 20v motor, which was capable of pulling 600HP. Other heavy parts of the car was swapped to lighter but reliable ones, which helped the car to accelerate much faster and increase its handling.


* Lower Half : The Block & Oiling system
Modified TDI tall Deck 06A/06B Audi Block with 236mm deck height
83mm 9.0:1 JE Pistons
92.8mm 2.0 TFSI OEM Crankshaft
034Motorsport Custom forged 159mm/21mm Forged Connecting Rods ARP bolts
ARP Main studs
ARP head studs
034Motorsport Coated connecting rod & Main bearings
Fluidamper SFI rated front crank damper and pulley
034Motorsport Custom designed Dry sump oiling system with billet Alum oil pan

* Upper Half : The Head
AEB “large port” Cylinder head with 5-valve per cylinder design
034Motorsport flow tested port work
Supertech +1mm Intake Valves
Supertech +1mm Iconnel Exhaust Valves
Supertech high rate valve spring set with redesigned valve retainers for increased valve lift and titanium hardware
Cat Cams billet camshaft set
Fully functional Audi factory Variable Valve Timing

* Turbo, Intake & Fueling System:
Precision Billet wheel “CEA 5857” Turbocharger
034Motorsport Turbo custom tublar exhaust manifold
034 Motorsport Oil + Coolant supply/return kit
TiAL 44mm Wastegate
TiAL 50mm Blow-Off Valve
034Motorsport custom intake manifold
034Motorsprot Custom lightweight front mount intercooler and alum piping
Audi factory 65mm V6 throttle body with internal idle control
034Motorsport modified fuel rail for -6 AN fuel hose
(4) sIEMENS 840cc Injectors
034Motorsport Surge tank for fuel system
ATL Custom 12 Gallon Fuel Cell
Bosch 044 MS Fuel pump

Audi S4 “01E” 6-speed gearbox
Close ratio gear set with WPC low friction treatment
Stasis 5:1 high bias Centre Differential
Audi S4 Centre Driveshaft
034Motorsport Clutch Type Rear Differential
034Motorsport Custom 6lbs Flywheel
Tilton Motorsport Dual disc 7.25” clutch

Ohlins, remote reservoir, Triple adjustable dampers
034Motorsport Custom blade rear sway bar
034Motorsport Adjustable Upper control arms
034Motorsport Spherical bushing set for Lower control arms
034Motorsport Billet Upper control arms for rear suspension
Alcon Mono 4 front calipers with custom 328mm rotors
034 Motorsport rear brake caliper upgrade using Willwood calipers and 300mm vented rotors
034 Motorsport 2001 Audi S4 Avant front sway bar.
Audi RS4 alum front wheel bearing carrier
Eneki Custom Drilled 17” x 9.5” wheels in 5 x112
Toyo RA-1 tires 275/40/17

034EFI Stage IIc SEM system +4Bar Map sensor
(4) 034EFI HO Direct Fire Coils
034Motorsport complete chassis wiring harness with central switch panel
Aim sports Data Acquisition system using MXL Pro Dash with 12 analog inputs and all 4 wheel speed sensors.
AIM Sports GPS system
AIM Sports Wideband 02 sensor
Speedcom Communications Radio system for Driver and Crew communications.

Complete 12 point Cage
Carbon Fiber Replica RS4 front bumper and Wide body Fenders
034Motorsport Custom Wide body rear quarter panels, rear doors, and rocker panels
Carbon Fiber Front Hood
Fiber images Carbon Fiber sunroof panel insert
Driver Relocated 24” rearward in chassis for better weight distribution
Custom Alum Airbox sealed to bumper inlet.
Custom alum sheetmetal work for ducting air thru radiator and intercooler
Electric Power steering conversion in trunk for better weight distribution
Custom Mounted ATL fuel Cell in trunk
Custom Aluminum sheet metal fire bulkhead separation between fuel and drive
AFFF fire suppression system for Engine and driver.
034Motorsport Fully custom Carbon fiber splitter and integrated brake ducting
034Motorsport custom floor panels and rear diffuser for car


Another unique feature is the EVO8 intercooler and the Precision CEA 5857 Billet wheel turbo. With all these upgraded parts, the car ran 10 seconds faster than its previous setup.


Enkei RPF1's are definitely a popular set of wheels for car owners. Its light weight and durability are placed in the top list of 'best wheels' amongst many racers.



Photo credits go to 034 Motorsports and Christian.
Update: I got an e-mail from Christian with some awesome videos of this beast tearing the tracks up. Check them out!



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