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October 21, 2010

 Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

VIP -1

Probably the most respected style by many luxury car owners is VIP. When it comes to vehicle modifications, the term 'VIP' originated from Japan. I don't want to get much in depth about the history of VIP, but the style of VIP cars tend to have a full body or lip kit, lowered ride height, and most related to our coverage today, wheels.

VIP Modular Wheels officially started since SEMA of 2006.
Their popularity grew in a short amount of time and still being highly respected by many luxury car owners.
I was very fortunate to meet Yuya, the Vice-President/Co-founder of VIP Modular Wheels, and other staff members.


The entrance of the warehouse had their production lined wheels on display. This is only a part of the display section.


Here's the new 3-piece VX series, which can be produced "in sizes 18"/19"/20"/21"/22" Reverse Configuration (straight lip) and 19"/20/21" in Standard Configuration (step lip)". The company is currently working on the step lips for sizes 15~18. The weight for an 18" wheel is about 20 lbs and with a reverse lip, about 24~25 lbs.


Inside the warehouse where wheels are assembled. The overall size of the place is about 4000 sq. ft. and they have a separate building where the wheels are actually made.

VIP -2

The center cap designs differ by the model of wheels, but the caps aren't made in plastic or other low cost material. These are made in billet aluminum, which shows how the company focuses on every single part for a wheel.

VIP -3

Before lips are added.

VIP -4

VIP -27

5 spoke wheels that were customized to the buyer's preference. Yuya took a route of designing a unique 5 spoke compared to all the other wheels out there in the market that look similar or nearly identical. The indentations you see between each spoke takes at least 15 minutes to shave and polish.

VIP -5

Another customized wheel.

VIP -8

Fully polished.

VIP -11

VIP -10

24k gold finished face and a different designed center cap.

VIP -12

Here's a closer look of the newly designed Billet Aluminum Center Cap.

VIP -14

VIP -17

VIP -26

Some inventory of lips and pre-assembeled barrels.

VIP -20

Black Chrome finished wheels. One of the services that are offered by VIP Modular Wheels is the finish. This particular finish is NOT powdercoated like other companies, but a Black Nickel Chrome.

VIP -23

Matt Black finish.

VIP -31

A design not on the companies site. For all the VIP wheel fans!

VIP -34

VIP -37

VIP -45

Set of wheels and lips ready to be shipped. The company sells and ships worldwide. Unlike other companies, VIP Modular Wheels take about 3~4 weeks to complete a set.

VIP -50

Companies Lexus IS F.

VIP -56

VIP -59

One of the last steps before a 3-piece wheel is completed; Truing.
According to Yuya, "Truing is done pre and post assembly to assure straightness and balance."
It's a process ignored by many companies, but it's one of the most important steps to design a true 3-piece wheel.

VIP -64

20 inch wheels with a 7 inch outer lip. Probably the only company with these sets.

VIP -67

VIP -134

VIP -136

Project cars for next year....enough said.

VIP -132

I want to thank Yuya and all the staff members of VIP Modular Wheels for the awesome tour.


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