Event Coverage: ZOMGBBQ: at Sonic Motor

October 24, 2010

10.23.10 -4

Love when BBQ events go, but sucks when you don't have time to even eat BBQ because of three events happening on the same day. The meet started at 10:30am and I was wrong to show up at around 11:30am because not enough cars showed up. Lesson I learned? Never show up too early when there's a BBQ meet. I think only some guys came early to pick up some highly discounted priced items, such as XXR wheels and Racing Bucket Seats.

10.23.10 -1

Probably the only 3 Supra's that showed up early.

10.23.10 -2

10.23.10 -50

Sonic Motorsport staffs were busy preparing the booth. Heard there were some good raffles.

10.23.10 -47

Clean Integra. The protruding lug nuts doesn't look bad at all.

10.23.10 -51

10.23.10 -53

10.23.10 -54

Majority of the cars were Silvia's and I remember seeing some during the Silvia meet @ Anaheim.

10.23.10 -52

10.23.10 -55

Never seen this ride before. Red XIII from Final Fantasy 7. Off topic, but one of the best games to play :)

10.23.10 -5

10.23.10 -6

Concaveness going on...

10.23.10 -7

You don't see many Z's on Enkei RPF1's.

10.23.10 -8

Fluorescent Yellow Varrstoen's. (Correct me if I'm wrong).

10.23.10 -9


This Silvia brought back memories when I was first inspired by another Silvia but white on the same wheels.

10.23.10 -10

Sometimes it's not all about the drop. For some reason, I really liked this ride.

10.23.10 -11

HRE's on this Z.


The guys chilling.


I'm seeing this car at almost every major or small event. Repping FYC.





My favorite. If I remember correctly, this S was featured on our site.





I think I've seen this VIP Lexus at The Pursuit 2. Very x100 sexy. It was the last car that I took a photo of before I left to the G Sedan meet, which I will post the coverage up pretty soon.
Check OMGDrift later on for a coverage as well.


cajazul said... [Reply to comment]

omg. i BADLY need to retire that hood of mine. lol.

yes! FF7 is indeed on of the best games to play!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Lol i need to lower the front more, mine was the blue kouki. ahh

warren IS F said... [Reply to comment]

May be your thinking is true.
I just realize this super Lexus as a glorious product.

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