Event Coverage: 2010 SEMA @ Las Vegas (Part I)

November 2, 2010


How's it going Night-Import fans!
It's been awhile since I did an event coverage, but finally, here's one that all of you guys should like and probably Night-Import will be the first site to show a small part of SEMA for today.
The event officially started today at 9am and ended around 6pm. This was my first time ever going to SEMA and knowing it's the biggest automotive event in the U.S., I was excited to see the sickest automobiles around the world. Walking for more than 10 hours, I met some awesome people, talked with some Representatives at booths, and took 500+ photos, but today will be a short but awesome coverage.
I was planning to only do a full car-related SEMA coverage, but want to share the travel of how everything went from the beginning to the mid day of SEMA.


As always, it's a PITA driving my daily for a long trip. I was scraping the front lip and exhaust, hitting bumps and potholes..but my boi Alvin and I made it safely to Vegas. I have couple of people to thank for making this trip possible and successful. First of all, Alvin from MyImportFashion and his brother for letting me stay at their hotel for two days. I will never forget their sincerity. Also, Sean from LEDmod for letting me borrow his 16~35mm F/2.8 L lens and 480EXII flash. It felt very different shooting with a lens that was more expensive than my body, but the photos were amazing! Thanks to all three of you guys for the support!!!

Vegas -2

Alvin and his Bro!

So after driving for about 5 hours and wanting to test out the new lens I borrowed, we drove to Caesars Palace because Alvin was going to buy a sexy 35mm f/1.8 lens and to take couple of shots..result?


Amazing. You can't go wrong with a wide angle.


Not Import related at all, but I never felt this excited shooting ..


Check this out...My jaw dropped...

OK! Enough with the Vegas tour and now to SEMA!!!!
There were some cars displayed outside of the convention center and I personally think it was better for the ones outside because of greater exposure to the public. The inside halls were too big and I didn't know where I was going.


Matte/Flat colors is becoming very popular. By Spec-D Tuning.


This yellow NSX looked amazing...


There weren't a lot of xB's at the event, but saw these two displayed outside of the centers. I've seen both of them at many shows.


Anthony's xB is the white xB, also known as Goldmember. Owner of SB Metal Polishing (check under supporting blogs/sites at your left).



Simple and Clean. Loved the look of this GT-R.


Justin's sexy widebody si on Work Meister's. If you haven't signed up for AutoCon, hurry!!


If only it was on bags...or was it?


Another GT-R. I expected a lot of them at SEMA...but I finished only 50% of the show so I hope to see more tomorrow.


VIP/VIP Style cars were looking sexier than ever at SEMA. Don't forget about AutoFashion's event this upcoming Sunday.



The weather was too sunny or there was too much shadow, so some photos did not come out as expected. I did take more photos of the same cars later on during the day. You'll see more of them on Part...2, 3, 4, or..5?



One of my favorite Acura's. Representing Team Praxis, the car looked sexy as always.


I would categorize this Cadillac as a VIP. Very nicely done.


Those J-Lines never get old.


According to Alvin, a very rare body kit on this G.



Wedz on the Porsche. Imagine this ride being on bags..





Keep it up Team Praxis!



Sexiest Lexus in my list of top Lexus's. On Air Runner.


VIP/VIP style cars were attracting the crowd.




My favorite VIP style car for the day. Can't describe it in words..


I know our site is mostly about Imports, but the domestic cars were clean from top to bottom, left to right. I fell in love with some rides and will show more photos of them later on.


It was good to see Jose's Audi on new set of TSW wheels.


xB by M2Motoring.


VIP style/Street M3.


I love concaved high-end wheels...


Tons of classics at the show.


Edgar's G on SSR SP3's. Will always be one of my favorite G's.





Check out these classic Bimmers. It's not the rims (non-BBS) that caught my attention but the widebody kit.



Now that's a lot of work...


and it's on air..




Such an amazing ride..


So far, that was a quick tour before I went to get my media pass...


BOOM! First time ever receiving a media pass with our sites name 'Night-Import'.

Hope you guys like the small coverage that was done today after my first day of SEMA. There are tons of photos to post and more infos I want to share, so until tomorrow, have a good night!!


Corey? said... [Reply to comment]

towards the beginning of the article (after the vegas part) you labeled a G as a Z

just so you know..

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

the ssr's on your favorite G aren't ms1's, they look more like sp3's.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Hey Will, just to help you out a bit:

the NSX and flat green xB are owned by Nilo, founder of Scion Evolution.

also, a lot of the cars you listed as VIP are in fact not VIP. VIP cars are only listed with VIP Platform.

The Caddy, Pat's E46 M3 and IS are not VIP.

Jon's IS is VIP Styled, IS is not a VIP platform.

to get more info on what is or isn't VIP, check out www.vipstylecars.com

Will said... [Reply to comment]

thx for the correction!

Will said... [Reply to comment]

yes, i've seen Nilo's ride at couple of events but forget his name so thx for mentioning. and about VIP, I should've written VIP style rather than VIP so thx for that correction as well.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

"towards the beginning of the article (after the vegas part) you labeled a G as a Z

just so you know.."


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