Spotlight: Fanatic of Carbon Fiber

November 11, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Tan's S2K -1
How often do you see a small, compact car meant for purely performance, covered in carbon fiber?
I hope you are seated and ready to be amazed, because what you see is not your ordinary S2K.
If you own or even a fan of JDM cars, you've probably heard of a company called Password:JDM. Nor only did they succeed in the aftermarket automotive industry, but achieved a status greater than others by recently sending fifteen cars to this years SEMA. As much as the company exceeds in its quality of own labeled products, their availability of products have also reached out to many high-end, luxurious cars as well.
During this past month, I was able to attend Password:JDM's annual garage sale. If you know me, I don't attend these events to buy a cart load of aftermarket products, but to check out cars that come by and most importantly, the rides of staffs and project cars.
It was then when this S2K caught my attention.

Tan's S2K -10

Tan Nguyen, the Marketing Director for Password:JDM, spent most of his time to make his S2K a perfect build as a show car. If one of your favorite magazines is HondaTuning, a full feature of his ride shouldn't have been missed.

Tan's S2K -15

Very soon, Tan will be going to a company called BBI to weigh his car. If you're asking why, about half of the body parts on this S2K is made out of ASM dry carbon fiber, which is the most expensive, strongest, and lightest material used for various projects today. The front bumper and fenders were painted over the CF to match the OEM color of the car.

Tan's S2K -24

Tan's S2K -21

To reduce the weight even more, the trunk, duck tail accent spoiler, and the GT Wing was made with the same material as well.

Tan's S2K -32

Here's a closer look into the Mugen dry carbon fiber hardtop.

Tan's S2K -34

Tan's S2K -36

The AMUSE R1000 Titanium Exhaust puts out a deep and aggressive sound.
You can also notice the Password:JDM engraved washers on the dry carbon fiber underbody aerodynamic diffuser.

Tan's S2K -39

ASM dry carbon fiber front bumper
ASM carbon fiber front lip
ASM dry carbon fiber vented hood
ASM dry carbon fiber trunk
ASM dry carbon fiber duck tail accent spoiler
ASM dry carbon fiber GT Wing
ASM floor mats
APR carbon fiber side mirror covers
APR carbon fiber exhaust cap covers
Mugen dry carbon fiber hardtop
Chargespeed carbon fiber rear bumper canards
Chargespeed carbon fiber overland cover at hardtop panel
Downforce carbon fiber 30mm wider fenders
Downforce carbon fiber side diffuser
Mugen bolts
NRG carbon fiber license plate frame
NRG carbon fiber hood dampers
Password:JDM dry carbon fiber underbody aerodynamic diffuser system
Password:JDM dry carbon fiber wind screen with LED brake light
Password:JDM dry carbon fiber front splitter
ARC titanium shift knob
Go tuning alcantara sun visors
Go tuning alcantara door sills
Go tuning alcantara shift boot
Password:JDM dry carbon fiber center console
Pioneer head unit with blue tooth
Pioneer visor navigation system with Fujitsu Ten Eclipse rear view license plate camera network
Valentine Radar detector
Viper remote alarm system with GPS tracking
Zoom Engineering F50 carbon fiber rear view mirror
Mugen bolts

AMUSE R1000 titanium exhaust
ARC titanium header heat shield
ARC titanium battery cover
ARC titanium spark plug cover
ARC radiator cap
Kics magnetic oil drain plug
Password:JDM dry carbon fiber air cleaner intake
Password:JDM dry carbon fiber valve cover heat shield
Password:JDM dry carbon fiber radiator cooling panel
Password:JDM VTEC solenoid cover

Prodrive Forged GC-07 Aluminum 17” wheels
Dunlop Direzza Star Spec tires
Swift sway bars front and rear
ASM lower tie bar
ARC titanium tower bar
Brembo Grand Turismo big brake kit with 2 piece floating disc slotted rotors
Cusco U-brace bar
KW Variant 3 coilover
Power Slot rear slotted rotors

Tan's S2K -52

Tan's S2K -45

Tan's S2K -47

Adjustable custom made GT wing secured with Password:JDM washers.

Tan's S2K -66

Tan's S2K -63

Discontinued Prodrive GC-07 lightweight wheels giving enough clearance for the Brembo BBK.

Tan's S2K -72

Tan's S2K -71

Tan's S2K -79

The door sills and sun visors is covered with Go Tuning's Alcantara fabric, while the ASM floor mats match perfectly with the red OEM s2k seats.

Tan's S2K -86

I have to agree with Tan when he wanted the title of his feature to be called Fanatic of Carbon Fiber. When will the carbon fiber madness stop? The engine bay is covered with Password:JDM CF products, a very clean and sexy look.

Tan's S2K -93

Tan's S2K -94

For those who are not familiar with Password:JDM, they specialize in producing Carbon Fiber and Kevlar parts. There is another branch within Password:JDM called Technocraft and their products are mainly focused for high-end cars like Lamborghini's.

Tan's S2K -85

Great car, great owner. It was a pleasure to shoot Tan's ride. His future plans is to add ASM CF doors and 6 lb Carbon Fiber bucket seats with custom seat brackets. Custom LED fog lights from a vendor will be added as well.


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Thank you for the feature and exposure.

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