Special Coverage: Platinum VIP

November 14, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


I remember being in awe seeing a group of VIP cars driving to an event.
Never have I seen such cars being so low and on wheels with massive lips.
It was a group of cars with a vinyl placed in front of their window, 'Platinum VIP'.
I was very fortunate to be invited to Platinum VIP's warehouse at Irwindale, CA this past Friday.
If you live in CA, or even live out of the states and a fan of VIP, this group/crew should ring a bell.
Matter of fact, I had no idea Platinum VIP was a shop until a friend of mine told me at a local show.
To explain more in depth, it's a Collision Center and an Automotive Spa for any brands/models and specializing mostly in VIP/VIP style cars.  As the word 'Platinum' is in their companies name, all of their clients will be treated as a family and even a non-client will always be welcomed like myself.

I spent about two hours taking some photos and interviewing Chris, the general manager of Platinum VIP, so for those who want to know more about this company, you came to the right site.



Outside of the warehouse was full with customer cars and Platinum VIP's own RV. Depending on what needs to be done to a car, the waiting time will vary. The cars will be lined up to the right and will be worked on accordingly.


As I was walking toward the warehouse, I saw some amazing cars, like this Skyline on BBS LM's.
(More information can be provided about the car and the owner but will be classified as confidential).


This Lexus SC was super clean with all the quality products.


I saw Chris's first gen Lexus GS, one of the cleanest first gen's I have seen so far. This car will be going through a makeover so stay tuned.


Chrysler 300C SRT-8 with a Supercharger kit pulling nearly 600HP. Night-Import will be the first site to show you the complete makeover of this car if possible. Currently on VIP Modular Wheels, rears with a 8 1/2in lip. Work in progress!!


I step into the warehouse and was greeted by the general manager, Chris Huynh, and the owner/founder of Platinum VIP, Kennedy Nguyen.





An amazing Lexus was being worked on when I stepped in. 8 in.(r)/ 6 in.(f) lip VIP Modular Wheels, 2JZ-GE, interior seats fully designed by Kennedy and upholstered by Topstitch.com, full motor nickel plated, pulling nearly 450hp on a 5-speed automatic, etc.
The years in making the custom body took about one year and about 6 months to build the motor.


If you've seen VIP rides by Platinum VIP, most of them are on VIP Modular Wheels. To clarify most of your questions regarding these two companies, they are related to each other but NOT the same company. Both of them go way back and started out with the same interest. Kennedy himself tried to start the VIP movement during the year 2000, but because of the lack of interest in the automotive community, he had to step down. Two years later, he decided to get an Aristo and everything started from there on. But aside of those personal relationships between the two, the business side for both matched each expectations. Certain wheel companies that specialize in 3-piece wheels are always in the top list for Platinum VIP because of certain customers. Like every other VIP car owner, an aggressive wheel size is always wanted and it goes the same with Platinum VIP; however, certain customers want an even more aggressive set of wheels and to only fulfill those requests is to fully customize a set. 'No' is never an answer with both companies and they will always try to make things happen.



On Platinum VIP's own Phantom Cup Kit.


Starting from the left is the framework section. As mentioned earlier, the company specializes in any collision work. OEM parts will always be ordered for replacements but if requesting for aftermarket or parts from other cars, it will also be ordered and will be worked on to fit the car.


A G3 style front bumper was requested by the owner and will be on the Porsche 911 Carrera very soon.


High-end car, high-end suspension kit.
Everything is fully ran to spec, which other companies might ignore or be careless of. One of the reasons why Platinum VIP is doing very well in business is because of their dedication and trusted work. Opening from Monday to Friday, the racks are always full and cars will always be lined up.



The next section is used for various work, such as alignments.



This GS is probably the only car in its class on 20x10 and 20x12, 3 1/2in lip(f) and 5 in lip(r) VIP Modular wheels. To surprise you even more, a 245/35/20 is stretched on the 12.
Fitment is outrageous and already looks sexy with its current stance, but the owner wants the car to be even more lowered. The plan is to make a custom metal widebody, add more camber, and slam the car by adjusting the Cup Kit.


A G35 body kit in the paint booth.


This G just got re-painted to a different silver color.




Take a look at this Supra. Yes, it's a Supra.
The owner previously got his car worked on by another shop and this is how the kit came out.
I know, it's pretty...unique.
The Supra will be going under major 'construction' through Platinum VIP; full custom wide metal body kit front and rear, custom JobDesign Hybrid kit, and others. This will be one of the biggest projects for the company and when completed, will be in the line of Bentley's, Benz, and other high-end cars.


The reason why Platinum VIP deals with JobDesign numerous times, is because Platinum VIP is one of the authorized dealers for the company. The body kits you see up there are for project cars that will be finished and showed for WekFest, which is next year. For SEMA this year, Platinum VIP had only 1 car, but for next year, they are planning to send about 10 cars, going full force and spreading the word about their company.


Now to the most important part you guys were looking forward to see. This is Platinum VIP's own Phantom  Cup Kit Suspension/Coilover system. I asked a technical question to Chris and this is what he had to say.
Q: So tell me more about Platinum VIP's suspension kit.
A: The phantom cup kit is made out of 60-61t6 heat treated billet aluminum. The phantom cup kit can be mated with almost all coilovers in the market. Being that it pairs with a coilover, if anything may happen, you will be on the lowest setting on your coilover. With the phantom cup kit, there are no manifolds, solenoids and it eliminates the "rats nest" of wires.

The most common thing about air suspension is not being able to have the advantage of trunk space. With our system, we engineered an air tank also constructed of 60-61 t6 heat treated billet aluminum. Our tank measures in 14 inches in length, six inches wide, and 4 inches in height which weighs out to it being about one gallon.

The phantom cup kit is a system that will not leave you stranded. The system is backed by our lifetime guarantee.

If you've installed air bags before, the Phantom Cup Kit will take less than half of the time you spent to install your previous system.
Best part of it is the lifetime guarantee! Not only for their system but for their auto services as well.

There are sponsorship opportunities, but don't expect to get a full paid sponsorship. The kit is not too money friendly, but if you are looking into a sponsorship program with Platinum VIP and meet their list of qualifications, you will definitely get a good hookup.




Kennedy's Aristo on VIP Modular Wheels and the Phantom Cup Kit system. As you can see, the amount of space required for the cup kit is very small.


Another Aristo sitting sexy in the front entrance.


and lastly, something you guys should definitely check out.
Here's a hint. Get all your parts, slap them on your ride, don't get into an accident, clean your car, wax it, and make it shine for next year. You will witness the sickest VIP cars in one place.

Thank you, once again, to all the staff members of Platinum VIP.


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